15 Adorable Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

15 Adorable Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids | Henry Happened There are many reasons I love Thanksgiving, but kids’ crafts top the list. They are fun, colorful and meaningful. It’s great time to take a moment to just sit and talk to your kids about being thankful. Now let’s look at my favorite kids’ Thanksgiving crafts while thinking about what we are thankful for! Fall Kids Craft Painted Leaves 1. Painted Leaves: This is such a fun idea and could be adapted for kids of all ages. (by Love From Ginger)

Fall Kids Craft Pumpkins 2. Decorating Mini Pumpkins: This is a great craft for tweens and teens. Pumpkins are an endless canvas for creativity and definitely not too childish to capture your teen’s attention. (by Sparks & Chemistry)

Fall Kids Craft King 3. The Autumn Leaf King: I might love this craft more than the kids. Take a nature walk to gather supplies for your craft – two activities in one! (by The Crafty Kitty)

fall kids craft salt dough 4. Salt Dough Leaves: These turn out so cute and they are a great excuse to get a little messy. (by Two Daloo)

fall kids craft paper tree 5. 3D Paper Bag Tree: This is a great craft to turn out on the fly and perfect for large groups of kiddos. (by She Knows)

kids fall crafts koolaid pumpkin 6. Kool Aid Pumpkins: If the title didn’t give it away, you would never know Kool Aid is the star of this project (except for all the little fingers dipping & licking). (by Housing A Forest)

kids fall crafts scarecrow 7. Scarecrow Crafts: So help me, I squealed aloud when I saw this scarecrow. What a cute little guy. (by She Knows)

kids fall crafts finger puppets 8. Felt Leaf Finger Puppets: What kid doesn’t love finger puppets? Entertainment for hours. (by Crafts by Amanda)

kids fall crafts pendants 9. Wood Slice Pendants: You have to do the prep work for this but boy is the end result cute. (by North Story)

kids fall crafts baked cotton balls 10. Scented Baked Cotton Balls: I’ve never tried this craft but it looks like fantastic fun. (by Fun At Home With Kids)

kids fall crafts thankful turkey 11. Thankful Turkey: While your kids help with this craft, they can talk about what they are thankful for. (by The Suburban Mom)

kids fall crafts popsicle stick turkey 12. Craft Stick Turkey Craft: I think I have a newfound obsession with popsicle sticks. This is so easy and cute. (by Formula Mom)

kids fall crafts corn 13. Corn Craft: This is a fun craft for all ages and your kids will be so proud when you hang it on the door. (by The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman)

kids fall crafts thankful tree 14. Thankful Tree: This is a sweet way to share time with your kids. (by The DIY Mommy)

kids fall crafts magazine turkey 15. Magazine Turkey: This is a good project for kids of all ages but older kids will probably create masterpieces. (by A Girl & A Glue Gun)


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