Taste the Rainbow! 16 Colorful Rainbow Recipes

This was almost a roundup of beer related recipes but I decided to go with these colorful concoctions instead. Yes, baking with Guinness is awesome and has my humble respect, but these treats just exude happiness on a plate. A rainbow cake is a bit out of my league so the Gerbers may have to settle for tasting the rainbow with a bag of Skittles.

Will you be baking for St. Paddy’s Day?

16 Colorful Rainbow Recipes

rainbow recipes

1. Empty Jays – Dramatic Pancake | 2. Rainbow Frosting Cupcakes – Sprinkle Bakes | 3. Mini Rainbow Vanilla Bean Donuts – Just Baked | 4. Rainbow Challah – Couldn’t Be Parve | 5. Surprise Sugar Cookies – Erica’s Sweet Tooth | 6. Rainbow Cupcakes – Pizzaroasa | 7. Rainbow Ribbon Jello – Brown Eyed Baker | 8. Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Ai Love Baking | 9. Rainbow Cubes – Hungry Rabbit | 10. Rainbow Cake – Brit + Co | 11. Funfetti Twinkies – Tartlet Sweets | 12. Over the Rainbow Bread – Cake Student | 13. Funfetti Cake Pops – Krafted by Kelly | 14. Over the Rainbow Cupcakes – The Curvy Carrot | 15. Double Rainbow Quick Pops – Zoku | 16. Mini Rainbow Cheesecake – Rock UR Party


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    • gerbermom says

      haha, that is a good goal! Maybe for a birthday? That’s about the only time I can get motivated for a fancy cake :)

  1. Mark says

    The doughnuts look great, like a big Life Saver. These are all so colorful we’d have no problem getting the kids to eat them — if only we can make vegetables look so tasty!

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