2 Giveaways – Umba Box and Oeuf

Oeuf Umba Giveaway

Welcome to day 16 of 24 Merry Days of giveaways – there’s no better time for presents, right? And two of you readers will win a lovely prize one week from now!

Giveaway 1 – 3 month Umba Box Subscription

hh umba giveaway

The first prize is a 3 months subscription to Umba Box, which offers monthly packages of modern and whimsical women’s handmade products. Getting fun packages in the mail is pretty much my favorite thing. In each box you’ll find a selection of jewelry, accessories, bath products and stationery!

Giveaway 2 – Oeuf Mask + Tail Set

hh oeuf giveaway

A second reader will win a mask and tail set from Oeuf, created especially for your little one. Dog, fox, cheetah, tiger, zebra, giraffe, skunk and wolf are all dress up options for your kid!

How to enter

Just leave a comment below, telling me your favorite items from these shops!

For additional entries (please leave a separate comment for each entry)

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  • Tweet about this giveaway. Example: I just entered today’s #24merrydays giveaway on @henryhappened! 24 days 24 blogs 24 giveaways bit.ly/Y6hM5t
  • Follow Ouef on Twitter.
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The giveaway is open to US readers and it ends on December 23rd, when two winners will be selected at random. Please leave your email so I can contact you if you win!

The fun doesn’t stop here – be sure to check out 24 Merry Days for more great giveaways leading up to Christmas!


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  1. Selah says

    I’m a huge sucker for paper so I adore the notebooks on Oeuf! And I pretty much love just about everything Umba Box has to sell, so I might just sign up for their boxes even if I don’t win them here. But I would absolutely love to win the subscription! (One of the things I love best on their site are the vineyard earrings… gorgeous!)

  2. says

    I love the estie earrings from Umba Box! So delicate! And I adore the fox mask & tail set from Oeuf :)
    Merry Christmas! Thanks for this chance!

  3. says

    I love the little bunny mittens on Oeuf and I love the Caroline scarf on Umba Box. Something for me and something for the baby :)

  4. Alix says

    The mother’s day box on Umba looks great! And omg, there are so many things I need on the Oeuf website. my fav is probably the little toy houses, my son would love that!

  5. Anna (sixtyfourcolorbox) says

    I always wish someone would give me an awesome monthly box gift like this. Alas, I have to hope to just win one!

  6. says

    love! gift subscriptions are my new jam! loving the candles from evoluxe (seen in an umba box) and diggin the cat mask from ouef. wowza!

  7. mridula says

    how fun to receive box each month. their mother’s day box was simply lovely. Oeuf is so charming. The furniture – especially the convertible crib looks like future heirloom material.

  8. says

    So cool to win the Umba prize…getting a parcel of goodies, wow! How gorgeous is the Ceramic Botanica bowl pictured in the Limited Edition section?

  9. Karrie Harper says

    I love the surprise of getting a monthly box and not knowing what is inside. My fav on Oeuf is the rabbit sweater.

  10. Tina Martinez says

    Love the Clara necklace from UMBA and Lille Huset small city from Oeuf :) Great givveaway!

  11. cynthia bauman says

    I love the whole concept of Umba, but I especially love the jewelry suprises! I also love the where the wild things are crown from Oeuf.

  12. Shantel N says

    I love the UmbaBox idea for shipping homemade gifts every month. I adore the mask and tail set because my nieces and nephews would love to play dress up with them.

  13. Shay says

    I checked out the surprise Umba box and love the whole concept of it, getting a box of surprises, what fun!In the Oeuf website, I think my little guy would love the mask and tail set, he could get hours of fun with that. Thanks

  14. says

    Ok so what’s not to love about Umba Boxes?! Getting surprises in the mail monthly – yes please! And from Ouef – the eye mittens are adorable!

  15. Shelagh says

    Love the idea of getting an Umba box in the mail! And from Oeuf, the party hats are so adorable for my little guys!

  16. Emily F. says

    Sign me up for the Umba Box drawing! I really like their April box products (Blueberry flour towel, notebook, and caramels)!

  17. Katie says

    Hi! I commented a few days ago, but I thought I’d come back and leave a comment with my Twitter and Facebook info just in case you needed to make sure my claims were true. :) My name on Facebook is Katie C. and my Twitter username is KateBMe57. Thank you again, and Happy Holidays!

  18. Katie says

    Umba Box sounds AMAZING. What a clever and creative way of introducing people to new artists! I loved the Caroline Scarf and the Tanvi Weekend Bag. :) As for Oeuf, I think the Bunny Sweater and the Hug Me Sweater are incredibly adorable. Thank you for doing this, and Happy Holidays!!

  19. coasterkim says

    I love the surprise of not knowing what’s going to be in your Umba Box! I always loved grab bags when I was a kid. I just couldn’t resist buying one when I saw them! And Umba Box is a super fantastic adult grab bag!

  20. says

    This is pretty much my favorite thing in the world, aside from reading blogs: crafty things and prizes put together. I’d love to get a surprise every month. Thanks so much for the lovely giveaway! The masks are so cute too!

  21. says

    Since I don’t have kids, I took a peek at Umba Box, and I’m completely smitten! I’d love to get (or give!) one of these as a gift! (@joanna_haugen)

  22. Karianne says

    Shirley from willow hand made hair clips on the umbra box site are darling and I’ve always loved the ouef sparrow crib and mini library bookshelf (those belong in my dream nursery)

  23. Kammi says

    I love everything from Umba Box. I could use those when I move to California for school all the way from Hawai’i next year. =)

  24. Bev H. says

    What a fantastic idea — love the idea of Umba and the promoting of things handmade, in this technological age.

  25. Merritt says

    Ooh, winning the Umba Box would be soo incredible! I am crossing my fingers that a subscription lands under the Christmas tree, but I don’t think my sweet little grandma will be doing any holiday shopping online.

    I adore each box set from Umba (who doesn’t love surprise mail?!) and my favorite thing from Oeuf is the bunny sweater, which would look so adorable on my best friend’s daughter. I’m not sure if I could share the mask/tail set, though. ;)

    Thank you for the fantastic giveaway!!

  26. Tiffany says

    Oh Umba…I so want a subscription to Umba Box! I love the sing sweet bird bowl in their shop. So cute! And Oeuf, what fun! All of the organic selections are perfect!

  27. michelle warnke says

    Love this giveaway! those Oeuf animal sets are too cute. Would love to send one to my littlest nephew. I also love the Cubebot and the Charley Harper ‘Colors’ book. I’d love to win the Umba box for myself!

  28. Morgan S. says

    The Umba box sounds so cool, I would absolutely love to win that! Thank you so much for such great giveaways!

  29. Kate says

    Those owl candles from Patch NYC in the May Umba box look amazing, as does everything else for that matter. :) What a fun idea.

  30. says

    This giveaway is AMAZING. From Oeuf I love the taxi plush pillow and from Umba I just love the whole concept! In fact so much that I just put an “Umba Box Subscription” at the top of my list for Santa. (I’m not just saying that either, I legitimately just sent it and everything. ha)

    contact info: happy_haylee_3(at)hotmail(dot)com

  31. Jaan L of Tx says

    The Umba Box is such a great idea. I have some special friends who would be perfect to send these ‘boxes’ to, thanks for the great tip.

  32. Jaan L of Tx says

    From Oeuf, well whats not to love about all of their items. But my favorite is the Suck UK Book Rest Light. Not only is it practical but its just a cool item.

  33. Christine Montgomery says

    I would like an Umba box! I really like the fabrics designed by Tinaproduce. Thanks for the giveaway.

  34. Susanna says

    Would love Umba box, there is nothing better than getting fun things in the mail, will keep this in mind for your gifts! :)

  35. Teri says

    I am digging the Maly clutch from Umba box, and the reversible animal hoodie from Oeuf is adorable!

  36. Jamie says

    From Oeuf, I love the taxi plush and reversible animal hoodie! My faves from Umbra are the tanvi weekend bag and blooming daisy hair pin! The giveaway gifts look amazing, too! Thanks! :-)

  37. sharon says

    Love the April Umba Box, but love all of them actually… Love the bunny sweatshirt… altho all of ouef’s stuffs is really fabulous…

  38. says

    I love the Brooklyn Remade Knotty Necklace from Umba Box, and the Party Hat from Ouef would look adorable on my sweet niece Penelope Sue. Thanks for the great giveaways!

  39. Michelle B says

    I think the suprise box from Umba Box is such a great idea. And from Oeuf I really love the Lily Garland!

  40. carol h says

    The Heart Pin and Bunny Mittens from Oeuf are simply adorable. And the Surprise Box from Umba is such a unique/cool idea! Thanks for the amazing giveaways!

  41. Leah says

    Wow! I’ve never heard of the Umba Box before! What a cool idea! I love the poppy earings. Great prices too! And the tiger costume Oeuf is adorable too!!!

  42. Lauren P says

    I love Umba Box! I’ve been coveting a subscription for some time now…

    The Tiger mask and tail set from Oeuf is my favorite :)

  43. Lola says

    The Umba Box idea is super cool! I love receving surprise gifts.

    My favorite section from Oeuf is the Goodies, filled with fun and cute gifts.

  44. Christl says

    I love the necklace that umba had a couple of months ago with the long chain and amethyst. casual chic at its best!;The circle garlands from oeuf are precious!

  45. says

    Oh my goodness – did you see the bunny jumper? So cute! Will have to move to the US so I can be part of these giveaways!

  46. Lea Anna says

    I like the Firefly Jar Magnets from Umba Box. From Oeuf, I’m in love with the Areaware Small Cubebot, so clever. Plus the Bunny, Dot and Lightning Sweater are sooo cute!

  47. Sharon Z says

    The Oeuf’s chalkboard shadowbox is so cute! My little nephew would love that!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. Annie says

    Umba box is awesome! The surprise each month would be so much fun. The garlands on Oeuf are my favorite.

  49. says

    i love love love the umba boxes! especially the camera pin. and the tiger mask and tail set is my fave. although the mustaches are cute, too :)

  50. says

    I love the Smile Brightly camera pin from Umba box! What a lovely giveaway and I’m so glad I stopped by and discovered your blog, too!

  51. says

    I love receiving mail as it is – how much fun would it be to get a whole package of goodies for 3 months in a row?!! Just browsed around on Oeuf’s site – I just love the Areaware Ursa the Bear. Amazing!

  52. Galina says

    I’m so sad that the giveaway is only for US readers :( Good luck to everybody! All of the items are gorgeous :)