25 Easy DIY Gifts for Gals

This is the time of year I start freaking out about Christmas. December is here?! I haven’t started shopping, of course. And you can forget about baking and Christmas cards. So it’s time to raid the craft room to see what DIY goodies are stashed away. And you know what? We’ve made lots of good stuff! I can’t wait to share these handmade gifts with my gal pals.

25 Easy DIY Gifts for Gals | Henry Happened Who doesn’t love a handmade gift, especially during the holidays? If you’re looking for something beyond jams and jellies, take a look at some of our favorite DIYs from this year.

25 DIY Gifts for Gals

DIY Rhinestone Bracelets | Henry Happened 1. I’m in love with scrapbook stickers – they make great faux jewels! Your mom or bestie will love these rhinestone bracelets.

DIY Travel Journal | Henry Happened 2. For your globetrotting girlfriend, make a handmade travel journal that’s easy to pack in your purse.

DIY Angora Bracelets | Henry Happened 3. Made with super cozy yarn, these angora bracelets make perfect winter gifts.

Clay Ring Bowl | Henry Happened 4. Everyone needs a place to keep small jewelry. These gold leaf ring bowls are stylish and useful.

Mint & Chip Lip Gloss | Henry Happened 5. Any gal with chocolate cravings will love this mint and chip lip gloss.

DIY red bead earrings | Henry Happened 6. Red bead earrings are super quick and easy to make, and they flatter any skin tone. Plus they look so Christmasy, too!

Recycled Ice Candles | Henry Happened 7. Candles are one of my favorite gifts, and these recycled ice candles are so fun to make.

Crystal Bracelets | Henry Happened 8. For the trendy friend you never know what to buy for, try these stylish crystal bracelets.

Anthropologie Tea Towels | Henry Happened 9. These tea towels feature super cute butterflies and pom-pom trim. Who wouldn’t like to see them around the kitchen?

Vanilla Rose Soap | Henry Happened 10. There’s never enough pampering around Christmas but homemade rose and vanilla soap is a good place to start.

Anthro Spike necklace | Henry Happened 11. Spikes, beads and nautical rope make a wonderful rendition of an Anthropologie necklace.

DIY Versatile Necklace | Henry Happened 12. Every lady wants a versatile necklace like this one: it can be worn long or short, and it doubles as a bracelet.

Pumpkin Spice Lip Gloss | Henry Happened 13. Give your friend the gift of pumpkin spice lip gloss so they can enjoy their favorite flavor all winter long.

Makeup brush holder | Henry Happened 14. Pick up an inexpensive set of make-up brushes and whip up this make-up brush holder made of leather to go with it.

Emerald Tassel Earrings | Henry Happened 15. Emerald is very ‘in’ this season, and tassel earrings are a chic way to wear the trend.

DIY Jewel Macrame Bracelet | Henry Happened 16. I love the idea of a friendship bracelet. We’ve given it a grownup update in this jewel macrame bracelet.

No Sew Scarves | Henry Happened 17. No one ever has too many scarves. These are no sew and made of lightweight jersey, which gets so, so soft!

Trompe d'oeil t-shirt | Henry Happened 18. A plain t-shirt becomes a great gift when you add a trompe d’oeil necklace to it.

solid perfume | Henry Happened 19. Solid perfume not only smells incredible, it’s also good for traveling or keeping in the purse.

Wire shapes bracelets | Henry Happened 20. These wire shape bracelets can be customized with initials or anything dear to your friend.

Denim bowl | Henry Happened 21. Denim bowls make perfect catchalls. Rip up a pair of old jeans and make a couple in no time.

Sugar scrub cubes | Henry Happened 22. Pamper you gal pals with a sugar scrub that smells amazing. ¬†Portioned in cubes, it’s easy to wrap and to use.

No Sew Vinyl Pouch | Henry Happened 23. No sew projects are my favorites. These vinyl pouches don’t require a needle and you only need about 20 minutes to make one.

DIY lip gloss | Henry Happened 24. Red lip gloss is the best during the holidays. This one tastes like cinnamon, and it plumps your lips!

Sequin Clutch | Henry Happened 25. This no sew sequin clutch is perfect accessory for New Year’s!

What are you making for everyone on your list this year?


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  1. Gianna says

    I love these DIY ideas! I found the ice candles on another site and can’t wait to try it! But I definitely want to try out the mint & chip lip gloss: I’ve got a friend who adores chocolate so I think this would be perfect. Thanks so much!

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