25 DIY Shorts for Summer

We’ve talked dresses and skirts plus sandals and flip flops. What else is on your summer to do list? Why shorts, of course! There is nothing like the satisfaction of taking scissors to an old pair of jeans. But why stop there? We like them in denim, sequins, silk and lace, in stripes, florals, dots, leopard, tie-dye, aztec and everything in between. Simply because they’re the essence of summer.

25 DIY Shorts for Summer

25 diy shorts for summer

1. Daisy denim shorts – This Fashion is Mine | 2. Lace trim shorts – PS I Made This  | 3. DIY cuffed jean shorts – Henry Happened | 4. DIY sequin shorts – A Pair & A Spare | 5. Indian summer – Look What I Made | 6. DIY lace shorts – Project 22 | 7. No sew scalloped shorts – Here’s Looking at Me Kid| 8. Bleached shorts – Oh So Pretty | 9. DIY super easy flowy shorts – Much More Than The Birds | 10. DIY shorts – Short of Something | 11. Old jeans to ombre pants – Dastrict 5 | 12. How to make shorts – Maycie After Five | 13. DIY scarf shorts – Syl and Sam | 14. Shorts – The Work is Getting to Me | 15. Sleep shorts – Pretty Prudent | 16. Lace trimmed shorts – Simplicity | 17. American flag shorts – Ascot Friday | 18. Fringe shorts – A Beautiful Mess | 19. Tie dye denim shorts – The Signature Bow | 20. Leopard print shorts – Cameo Blog | 21. DIY printed Victorian shorts – Trash to Couture | 22. Update cutoffs – Free People | 23. Tie dye shorts – College Fashion | 24. Leopard print shorts – Mr. Kate | 25. Lace shorts DIY – Sincerely, Kinsey


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    This compilation of DIYs is so fun! This summer, I feel in love with shorts again. I’ve owned two pairs in the past three years but this spring I’ve bought two more! They are far more nice to wear every day than skirts, as I always have to watch how I put my legs when wearing a skirt. I still want a pair of palm-print shorts and an aztec-print pair. As I’m saving up to travel, maybe I could DIY those aztecs from above to save a litte! x

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