3 Spring Nail Ideas to DIY For

Guess what’s here to stay? Unique and colorful nail art. The good news for gals like me – you can create a mani masterpiece in minutes just by adding graphic lines. Read on for 3 spring nail ideas!

3 DIY Spring Nail Ideas

3 Spring Nail Ideas to DIY For - Henry Happened

Fun French

Pick a spring-y pastel base color and then swipe the tips. Mix it up by reversing the colors on an accent nail.

Stripe Manicure | Spring Nail Ideas

Stripe Nails

I’m always on Team Stripes (aren’t you?) so I’m loving these simple stripes down the middle. Inspired by this Monika Chang version, you can also use a metallic polish.

Diagonal Manicure | Spring Nail Ideas

Geometric Nails

Apply a base coat – I used a soft ballet pink – and let it dry completely. Don’t rush this step! After letting it dry, tape off the nail on a diagonal and apply metallic polish. This is one of my favorite color combinations!

What spring nail trends are you loving? I used to be a no polish girl but this stuff is addicting. Painting your nails is highly recommended while watching The Bachelor finale tonight.


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  1. Amanda says

    I have just recently gotten into polishing my nails (every 3-4 days with bottle washing and baby baths.) I love the glitter look with a bold polish base color and silver glitter on top. Now if I could just keep it on longer than 3 days, I’d be set!

    • gerbermom says

      I know, doing all that washing wrecks my hands and nails. I love your glitter idea – good thing painting our nails is kind of relaxing, right? :)

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