30 Ways To Add Some Sparkle

add some sparkle

Where did November go? It seems like just yesterday I was planning a month of warmth and sparkle. And it was so fun – we stitched the cutest handwarmers, made our own shimmer lotion, and glammed up some glitter ornaments. Nothing is safe from being gilded this year! So we’ll end the month with 30 more gold and sparkly projects. Get your glitter and sequins ready!1. How to make a glam glitter clutch – The Fashion Spot

2. D&G sequin and jewel embellished shoe DIY – Love Maegan

3. Gold leaf paper mache bowls – Kelli Murray’s Blog

4. DIY gold leaf faux jewelry – Honestly WTF

5. DIY Charlize Theron inspired headband – Projectville

6. Sequin headphones – Look What I Made

7. Gold confetti dish tutorial – Vitamini Handmade

8. Sparkle headbands DIY – Flax & Twine

9. Handmade sparkly strawberry lip balm – Torie Jayne

10. How to make a glitter shirt – Stars for Streetlights

11. DIY heart jumper – Tulle & Trinkets

12. DIY glitter ring – A Splendid Assemblage

13. J’adore Dior nail design – The Quiet Lion

14. Tiny tacky purses – Leopard is a Neutral

15. Sequin applique stir sticks – Somewhere Splendid

16. DIY foil clutch – Trinkets in Bloom

17. Sequin shoe clip – Momtastic

18. Gold leaf pendants – Design Mom

19. Glitter striped tee – Growing Home

20. A chevron leather cuff – You are my fave

21. DIY sequin stripe tee – The Glitter Guide

22. J Crew inspired gold loafers – Look What I Made

23. How to bling your heels – Home Heart Craft

24. DIY glitter shoes  РDump Your Frump

25. DIY embellished bead tights – Park & Cube

26. DIY brass tack baubles – Fellow Fellow

27. Handmade glitter tape – Pugly Pixel

28. DIY Mod Podge upcycled glitter glasses – Whimsey Box

29. Make it: glitter magnets – Design Love Fest

30. To do – Eat Sleep Cuddle



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