DIY Sparkly Star Headband

star headband tutorial

Not being a big fan of loud holiday clothing (I’m pretty sure Christmas sweaters should be banned) I don’t usually dress up much for the 4th of July. But stars are super trendy right now, and this simple accessory is the perfect way to add some celebratory bling to your 4th of July.

I made a headband and a comb version – they really make me wish I had long hair. A messy updo with a star combo would be so pretty! Alas, long hair is not meant to be for me. I just got it all chopped off again so I’m feeling a bit like I have no hair right now. Might as well dress it up then, right?

sparkly star headband

Sparkly Star Headband How-To

how to make a sparkly star headband

Materials needed

Star punch, sparkly paper (mine came from the felt section at Hobby Lobby), headband or comb, and glue.


1. Use a star punch to cut out the number of stars you need. I used 3 for the combs and 4 for the headbands.

2. Line them up how you want them and then flip them over.

3. Attach a thin strip of felt or scrap fabric to the back of the stars with glue.

4. Put glue on the back of the felt/fabric and attach to comb or headband.

DIY sparkly star headband


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  1. says

    I am not a fan of headbands, and I am not american.
    But this little craft is so ridiculously pretty that I know for a fact I will try and make something similar, sparkles and all. I have some black craft foam and a handy supply of glitter (another thing I am not a fan of, so why do I keep buying it? In all shades under the sun? It’s a mystery.) so you bet that there’ll be sparkles coming off my silly old head soon. And I shall be proud! :D

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