5 Bags Every Girl Needs

5 bags every girl needs I am so bored with my current purse that I just can’t stand it. It’s black, boxy and after wearing it every day for months I can hardly stand to look at it.

I’ve been thinking of giving my 1-purse wardrobe an overhaul. I mean, why stop at one? Here are 5 bags every girl needs:

1. The Day Bag: Must be roomy enough to carry at least 2 diapers, snacks and half a dozen Thomas trains. (I refuse to carry a diaper bag.) Because of this abuse it seems silly to pay big bucks. Imitation leather is fine by me, and I love the buttery yellow of this one from H&M.

2. Going to Park’ Tote: Also known as the Market Tote for looking stylish at the weekend farmer’s market.

3. Day/Evening Clutch: I wish I could sport a big clutch every day – they look so sleek and sophisticated. But a girl still needs a fun option for date nights.

4. The Weekender: A roomy bag – with colorful stripes! – for weekend trips. I totally picture myself in a convertible with a headscarf carrying this bag.

5. Somethin’ Trendy: Don’t you love the trendy mini cross body bags? I would love a bright red one for $16.

How many purses do you own? How often do you rotate them?


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  1. says

    I usually use one purse at a time and I use it until it’s completely worn out. I have clutches for special occasions, totes, and other types of bags too, but I’m not the type to switch out my everyday purse depending on my mood/wardrobe. I am way too lazy. :) I’ve found that Urban Outfitters has some really nice, affordable purses that stand up to lots of abuse!

  2. says

    I have been OBSESSED with that orange H&M tote for weeks now!!! Can you somehow slip this post into an email to the hubby? Emphasizing the word “NEEDS” hehe

  3. says

    Oh please get that day bag and weekender bag! A girl definitely needs more than one purse!! I have too many to count…. I switch them out sometimes every couple of weeks, sometimes after a month or two, just depends :)

  4. Susanna says

    This is a great post, I really need to be more creative with bags. I tend to use either my work bag or the same purse over and over. Very boring… Need more spice!

  5. says

    I think I just about make this list Stephanie. I tend to use the same day bag, day after day because it would take me forever to take out all the McDonald’s toys, wrappers and other bits of paper etc that were in there!

    Anne xx

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