5 Tips for Hosting a Craft Night

craft night

I don’t showcase it much on the the blog, but I love to entertain. Pulling out the fancy dishes and cooking up a yummy meal for my family is such a kick. Usually I’m too crazy to remember the camera – how can anyone host a party and take pictures? Yeah, not me, apparently. But I recently hosted a craft night for some lady friends and it was a hoot. I snapped a few (not so great) pics and wanted to share my tips for hosting your own girl’s craft night.

1. Keep it simple


Don’t get caught up in having a “theme.” Or going wild with cooking, decorations and cleaning. Pick one activity, gather your materials, and just let it happen. Tote bags were a hit because no instructions are required.

2. Fill ’em up


While I enjoy cooking, craft night is not the time to be slaving in the kitchen. So go pre-bought all the way! A tray of mini pastries and fruit along with bread and cheese is perfect. Both are quick and delish.


Honestly, crafting gets really creative after a cocktail. And while you want folks to loosen up you don’t want to spend the night playing bartender.  So pick a fun drink – I dubbed my margaritas the “crafternoon delight” – and make a pitcher. Lipton Iced Tea provided yummy 100 Calorie Half & Half and Diet Green Tea Honey Ginseng, that are tasty and guilt-free.

3. It’s not really about the craft


I take Henry to an art class once a week, and it’s always funny to watch the moms hover over their kids. They just can’t help themselves from directing and criticizing their 3-year-old’s finger painting. But for one night, let it go. It’s not about creating a craft masterpiece – pencil polka dots are just fine. You can’t screw it up! Because it’s not about the craft, it’s about spending time with your girlfriends.

4. Have a plan for the kids


If possible, put the kids to bed early. Or have dad take them for the night. Sam might just be the cutest little artist ever, but it’s impossible to relax and enjoy yourself if the kids are underfoot.

5. Enjoy the final product


Take a moment to look around and enjoy your girlfriends’ laughter. Have (another) drink if you’re still uptight about the toys on the floor or your lack of crafting skill. And at the end of the night, watch how excited your friends are about their new tote bags.

Are you overdue for a girls night in? Moms don’t get to do this often enough! I’m already planning my next party – a Guitar Hero competition!

Lipton Iced Tea and Dance Central 3 have teamed together to host the ‘Game On’ sweepstakes so you too can take your next girl’s night in to the next level. Enter to win one of four ultimate entertainment room makeovers which include a new Samsung TV, sound system, Xbox 360 Kinect bundle and console, Dance Central 3 and more! Find out how here.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Lipton Iced Tea. The opinions and text are all mine.


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    • gerbermom says

      Then I wish you lived closer! I have to bribe my sister to craft with me – and even that doesn’t work most of the time! :)

  1. says

    So perfect! We are in the home buying process now and when I have a house, I will for sure be doing monthly craft nights! I already have some interested parties! I love Rock Band, so your next night sound pretty awesome to me!

    Favorite girls night in would be crafts, brownies, nails, movie, Rock Band!!

    • gerbermom says

      For some reason I am inexplicably good at the drum on Rock Band – tho I have no skills in real life :) Brownies + nails + movie = a perfect girls night!

  2. says

    What fun Stephanie! I don’t know if my friends are quite into crafts as much as me but I’m sure I could rope them in.
    You could rule me out for Guitar Hero – it hates me. I can honestly admit it made me cry one time! I must have been overly sensitive that day but after being booed off the stage a few times in a row it was all too much for me!

  3. says

    This sounds like a fantastic idea Stephanie (except going premade all the way LOL). You know me. I’d be slaving a way in the kitchen for 2 days beforehand. (No I wouldn’t. I’d go premade all the way too!) I’ll let you know if I do have one.

    Anne xx

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