A Peak Into Missoni’s Milan Home

missoni's milan home missoni home peak into missoni's milan home

I’ve been thinking about Missoni since the blogosphere is abuzz with their Target line launching soon. (And because Miss Margherita is so darn stunning.)

I dug up some photos from a 2007 issue of House & Garden featuring the stunning Milan apartment of Rosita Missoni. The house has such a fun blend of colors and patterns but it doesn’t overwhelm. It feels comfortable. Confident.

Says Rosita, “You need to create a comfortable nest, but also to stir the senses and arouse curiosity with beautiful and unusual things.”

I love it when people have the confidence to buy and display quirky things because they love them. That makes them work.

Photos from House & Garden


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  1. says

    I love the use of colour Steph. Some people have just the knack to throw an eclectic mix together and it works. Everything's mismatched in my place and it looks like a dog's breakfast! LOL

    I wonder if we'll get that range in our Target stores?

    Anne xx

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