DIY Armani Flower Pins

Armani Flower Pins

When I saw Emporio Armani’s collection for this fall, one thing caught my attention: the oversized flower pins. Playful yet feminine, don’t you think? Plus they make quite a statement (always a good thing in my book). And I knew I could easily make them myself!

DIY Armani Flower Pins

Armani inspiration You’ll need

Armani Flower PIn Supplies

  • Organza fabric
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Safety pins
  • Lighter
  • Beads


Armani Flower Pin Instructions

Step 1: Start by cutting 5-6 concentric circles from the fabric – the largest one is the size of the pin.

Step 2: Burn the edges with a lighter. This helps the fabric against fraying, and it gives the flower shape.

Step 3-5: Pass a threaded needle through all the circles, in the desired order, and stitch 3 beads on the front.

Step 6: Continue by stitching a safety pin on the back. You could also glue it, but since the fabric is so thin and sheer, it will show on the front.

That’s it! You’ll want to make at least two because they look great layered.

armani inspired flower pin If you aren’t into brooches, then you can also pin them to a headband! xo Daria


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  1. Terri W says

    We made hundreds of these in a tiny format (about 1″ diameter) for my daughter’s wedding a little over a year ago – put one on every handmade invitation and thank-you, used them on the place settings and on the napkin rings at the reception. One tip: Use a candle instead of a lighter. So much easier!! And they are awesome on bobby pins for the hair, too!

  2. says

    So delicate and pretty. I’d wear them as a brooch and on a headband.

    P.S. I bet all those “fail” carmel apples are now gone after the weekend… doesn’t sound like a fail to me… yummy! ;)

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