DIY: Black + White Marbled Eggs

Black & White Marbled Eggs | Tomorrow we leave for a Disney cruise. I’m excited for a vacay (anyone have tips??) and also a little nervous to be sharing a room with all 3 kids. And all I can say is that there had better be an Anna/Elsa sighting or my 6-year-old might jump ship.

But I couldn’t leave without getting some egg dyeing + crafting on. I regretted boiling last year’s marbled eggs because they didn’t last very long. So last weekend my sister and I tempted aneurysm fate by blowing out 3 dozen eggs for the kids (cough, mom) to decorate.

Black and White Marbled Easter Eggs | I used the same technique as last year but learned a few valuable tips, which made these eggs even easier and cooler (in my opinion).

  • Use a wide dish. The cup I used last year was too small to marble the entire egg. With a wider bowl, the polish can spread out and the egg can roll around to cover the entire surface.
  • Make sure the dish is disposable. Because that polish is going to get everywhere, and it’s a nightmare to remove.
  • Wear gloves. Last year my fingers ended up covered in polish. This year I tried to avoid using my hands by putting a skewer through the egg and dunking. But the darn egg was too buoyant, and I needed my hands to move it around in the water. Gloves solved the problem.
  • Use cheap polish. I haven’t noticed a difference in the outcome based on different polishes. Black and white polish from the Dollar Store works like a charm.
  • It can get stinky. So if it’s a pretty day, this is a great project to take outside.

DIY Fuzzy Glitter Easter Eggs | Oh, and we also doused a few eggs (and, inevitably, ourselves) with ‘fuzzy’ glitter. The girls were in heaven. But I love how these look in their pretty pastels.

Will you be decorating any eggs this weekend?


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