8 Burgundy Bargain Buys

Happy Wednesday! Have you seen the cover of the October issue of InStyle? Gwyneth Paltrow is sporting a simply stunning burgundy dress. Her cover look is one of many clues that burgundy is huge this fall. Here are eight bargain buys under $40 which can help satiate even your strongest burgundy craving…
burgundy bargain buys
find these beauties here: blouse + belt + bib necklace + bow gloves + flats + wallet + polish + scarf
find this bowler bag here!

Sporting some burgundy nail polish is the most cost-effective way to get on trend, but the $15.80 bib necklace isn’t far behind. With the bowler bag, you may pay a few extra pennies, but your cost per wear will make it more than worthwhile. Think about it: if you carry it every day for a month, you’re paying $1.60 a “wear”…not too shabby when you consider a pumpkin spice latte runs you nearly $4.00! Food for thought ;) How will you bring burgundy into your fall wardrobe? xoxo Alison


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  1. says

    Oooohh… I like that nail polish. Being a red head, I usually steer clear of red hues. Especially with my shade of red, which is not that dark auburn like Emma Stone and Julianne Moore. But… I can rock the nail polish for sure! And maybe some accessories… ;)

  2. says

    Yes! I was just staring at that magazine cover the other day thinking how stunning Gwennie (as I like to refer to her) looked in that burgundy! I’m obsessed with finding a pair of burgundy skinny jeans right now. Great finds and friendly on the wallet too!

    • gerbermom says

      Did I ever tell you about the time I was supposed to interview GP? It was for her cookbook & I was SO excited. Publicists agreed but then it fell through and I was crushed!!

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