Colorful Stripes

Colorful Stripes | Colorful Stripes |

There are two good things about going to the OB every month: 1) hearing baby’s heartbeat and 2) reading every magazine I can get my hands on in the waiting room. (This somewhat offsets the trauma of peeing in cup when you can’t see over your belly and getting on the scale that hates me.)

After hearing that all is ok with the little guy (yes, it’s a boy!), these colorful stripes in March’s Ladies Home Journal made my day. Is there anything happier than cheery stripes? I must remember to wear my sequin stripe skirt to next month’s visit.

Colorful Stripes |

1.  J. Crew skirt | 2. H&M skirt | 3. Betsey Johnson pumps | 4. Cesca rope handle purse | 5. Kate Spade iPhone cover


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  1. Joyce Kelley-Kramer says

    May I please have the link to the DIY directions for the herringbone gold paint dresser re-do I nfound in Apt. therapy? I have the same family heirloom dresser in teh same type condition- need the same colors for an almost done bedroom project!
    Three boys (all finally out of the home) here in Charlotte and still talking, walking, and redy to re-do the house!!
    Thank you ,
    Joyyce KK

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