Crossbody DIY tote from a placemat

DIY Tote from a Placemat | Henry Happened

Did you see any pictures from the Coachella music festival? The fashions made my inner hippie so happy. Sometimes I wish I was young (and cool) enough to enjoy a festival like that. Maybe this year I’ll make it to Bonnaroo – it’s right outside of Nashville!

When I saw this Tory Burch bag, I was smitten. Yes, it’s practical for moms – hands free is definitely the way to go – but it’s also an easy way to show your bohemian side. So I made my own crossbody bag – from a placemat! And you don’t need a sewing machine to make it. Of course.

DIY tote from a placemat

How To Make A Crossbody Bag


  • Woven placement – you can buy them individually in store
  • Parachute cord – or you can also use any kind of rope or trim that you have on hand
  • Embroidery thread and needle
  • Wooden bead
  • Scissors

How to make a DIY Tote | Henry Happened

1. Fold the placement in half and stitch the two open sides together with embroidery thread. It turns out you can’t really see the thread so use whatever color you like.

2. Measure the length of your straps and cut. If you use multiple strands then wrap them together with embroidery thread before stitching.

3. Stitch the straps in place. Stitch through the straps and also stitch the placement closed around the straps to make it super study.

4. To add some embellishment, add a couple of tassels (here’s the how-to). Then attach them to a wooden bead and stitch the bead to the bag.

Crossbody Tote DIY

The bag is perfect for heading to a party or the beach. Or, in my world, if you’re just going to Chik-fil-a. You can carry the essentials (i.e., phone, keys, diaper) and not lug a huge purse.

DIY Crossbody Tote | Henry Happened

Have you ever been to a music festival?


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  1. Crazyforcraftin says

    Thanks for sharing how you made this beautiful bag! I made one today out of a plain woven placemat and then stitched colorful threads, ribbons, and yarns into it to add some color.

  2. Sharon says

    Thanks for once again translating trendy fashion into a very doable diy. You are my go to site for spot on affordable,fun diy. I also like your bag better than the original.

  3. says

    You know Stephanie, I’m so in awe of your talent and your vision. You always amaze me what you come up with but I have to laugh sometimes. I bet Mr Henry Happened comes home sometimes and sees placemats gone, his nuts and bolts from his shed stunningly transformed into gorgeous jewellry you’re wearing etc. I can hear him saying “Steph, did you see that rope/belt/plastic/etc?” And you just reply “ummm, no” as you put your wrist behind your back. You’re just super! (And yes I went to music festivals thousands of years ago or it seems like thousands of years ago. LOL)

    Anne xx

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