DIY $1 Polka Dot Sunglasses

DIY Polka Dot Sunglasses |

What do you think of my Dollar Store sunglasses? I could not resist going at them with a Sharpie to get in on the polka dot trend! Now I’ve got myself polka dot sunglasses! So many fun possibilities with colored pens – I want to go buy five more pairs!


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    wowwweee! i love this idea. i have a pair of dollar sunnies from the target bins that just might need this treatment. thanks so much; great to find you!

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    Oh Stephanie! That's just way too clever! LOL I love polka dots. Unfortuantely, I'm as blind as a bat and wear prescription sunnies. I'd probably be doing 80kmh in a 60km speed zone with Dollar Store sunnies. LOL

    Anne xx

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