Anthropologie Ribbon DIY Bobby Pins

DIY Anthropologie Bobby Pins |

I’m a nut over bobby pins. The best hair bling for gals with short hair! I saw these on Anthropologie and was not about to pay $18 bucks for them. (They are on sale now so I guess I wasn’t the only one who thought that was crazy.) Still, I’d rather make my own ribbon bobby pins to customize the color.

DIY Anthropologie Bobby Pins |

Anthropologie DIY Bobby Pins

supplies needed

Anthropologie DIY Bobby Pins |

Step 1: Start at the bottom of the bobby pin and secure the ribbon with a dab of E-6000 glue. Give that a chance to dry.

Step 2: Loop the ribbon back and forth through the top of the bobby pin. You’ll have to use your fingers to pry open the bobby pin while you work. Push the ribbon down as you go to keep it tightly together.

Anthropologie DIY Bobby Pins |

Step 3: When you reach the end, loop the ribbon around and dab with glue. Secure with a regular bobby pin and let dry over night.


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  1. Sybyl says

    Where did you get your ribbon? I am having a hard time finding 1/4 inch ribbon? I keep finding 1/8 and 3/8.



    • Chase says

      You can use the 1/8 inch ribbon also! It becomes a more delicate intricate design, even more beautiful :) Hope this helps!

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