DIY Bead Curtain Pulls

DIY Bead Curtain Pulls | Henry Happened DIY Bead Curtain Pulls | Henry Happened By home contributor Jeran of Oleander and Palm

I’m really excited to share this easy little DIY for your home. I truly believe that making a house a home is all in the details. Little personal touches are what gives your home character and personality.

Tired of looking at the boring plastic pulls on my kitchen window roman shades, I decided to give them a simple, modern update. Fun geometric shapes and trendy color combinations make these bead curtain pulls current and playful.

Supplies needed –

  • natural and dark stained geometric wood beads (I used 5 for each)
  • wooden bbq skewer
  • masking tape
  • craft paint in your favorite colors
  • paint brush

DIY Bead Curtain Pulls | Henry Happened This really is as simple as it looks, just paint a few of the beads and then thread them on your curtain and roman shade pulls. I do have a technique for painting these wooden beads I’d like to share. Wrap a small piece of masking tape around the end of a skewer.

DIY Bead Curtain Pulls | Henry Happened This will keep the bead in place while you paint it. You can do this on either end of the skewers and then stand them up in a glass to dry.

DIY Bead Curtain Pulls | Henry Happened This little DIY gives you a chance to play with some great colors in tiny itty bitty doses. Add a splash of neon or play it safe with touches of metallic and pastels.

DIY Bead Curtain Pulls | Hello Natural


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  1. holly says

    I’m now going to do this with polymer clay this weekend to update my apartment blinds.

    Easy to add and take off when we move!

  2. says

    This is such a great great DIY!! I’ve been needing some curtain pulls for the longest time! I always have to reach over my bed in this awkward position to pull my curtains back. I am going to try making this! Plus, I love that I can customize the color of the beads I use!

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