DIY Beauty

3 Grapefruit Skincare Recipes |

Grapefruit Detox Mask + Scrub

The benefits of grapefruit for skin include antioxidants, lycopene and natural exfoliants. Get 3 glowing-skin recipes that use this amazing winter fruit.

Green Smoothie Body Wrap |

At-Home Green Smoothie Detox Body Wrap

Greens are good for you inside and out. Learn how to make a green smoothie-inspired detox body wrap using kale, seaweed and essential oils.

How to Soothe Sore Muscles with a DIY Rub |

6 Natural Ways to Soothe Sore Muscles + DIY Achy Muscle Rub

Soothe sore muscles with this homemade rub made from shea butter, coconut oil, ginger, cayenne and essential oils.

Salon-Worthy At Home Manicure |

HOW TO: Give Yourself a Salon-Worthy Manicure At Home

Everyone loves salon nails, but a manicure at home can be just as rewarding—and easy. Just follow these 8 simple steps!

Best of 2014 | Top 10 Beauty Posts |

Best of 2014: Our Top 10 Natural Beauty Posts

From scrubs to serums to oil pulling, these are the top 10 natural beauty posts from 2014!

All-Natural DIY Tinted Lip Balm with Raspberries |

5 FAVES: DIY Lip Balms Perfect for Winter

Make your own lip balm with just a few ingredients and these no-fail DIYs.

Champage Detox Face Mask + Hair Rinse |

Champagne Detox Face Mask + Hair Rinse

Champagne is for for than just New Year’s Eve toasts! Use bubbly in a redness-reducing detox face mask, and to make hair shiny and lush.

Jessica Alba Hair + Makeup

13 Party-Ready Holiday Makeup Tutorials

Parties will be stress-free with the help of these easy and elegant holiday makeup tutorials.

3 DIY Bath Soaks to Escape Into |

Escape Holiday Stress with 3 Easy Bath Soak Recipes

Relieve stress with these easy, homemade, all-natural bath soak recipes.

Coconut Oil Hair Mask | 3 Overnight Beauty Masks |

3 Overnight Masks To Wake Up To Glowing Skin

Make the most of your sleep with these simple, soothing overnight beauty remedies.