How To Make Homemade Lotion with Shimmer

Homemade Lotion

The holiday season has arrived, and it’s time to start thinking about what to wear to fun, festive gatherings. Once you have the perfect outfit and shoes, add a little shimmering homemade  lotion and you’ll be good to go!

Have you ever wondered how the stars look so darn shiny on Jay Leno? Short of sprinkling yourself in glitter (which I’m not opposed to!) this will give you a warm, shimmery – but still subtle – glow.

Homemade Lotion with Shimmer

DIY Shimmer Lotion Ingredients What you’ll need:

  • Your favorite lotion. I used Aveeno, my favorite everyday lotion.
  • Any highlight or shimmer powder. If you can’t find a cheap one, you can use eye shadow that has some sparkle. Look for a warm tone rather than a silver color.
  • A jar or travel bottle and something to stir with

DIY Body Lotion

Put your lotion in a jar and sprinkle in the powder. If you are using eye shadow, you can scrape with a knife. Start small with about a 1/4 teaspoon and add more as needed. A little goes a long way! Stir until the color is uniform.

Shimmer Lotion DIY

I added some white shimmer eyeshadow, just to see what it would do since I was worried it would make me look ashy. But combined with the warm color of the mineral powder it just added some extra sparkle!

P.S. I loved the Twilight movie – did anyone else see it? But turns out I am waaaay too old for a 10 o’clock movie!


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    I have done this too, it really is a good idea! Sometimes even with some leftover perfumed lotion, I add some bronzer powder to the bottle and create a light, shimmery moisturizing evening cream for my hands and legs. It really is a great way to use up all of your skin and make-up products effectively! { }

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