DIY Braided T-Shirt Bracelets

DIY Braided T-Shirt Bracelets |

Here’s the DIY I promised last night! I spotted these pretty Roarke NYC braided bracelets in Elle magazine and loved their bright, feminine colors. I wanted a bunch of them to wear stacked on my wrist but $60 each was out of my reach.

Braided T-Shirt DIY Bracelets |

I’ve braided bracelets before – even a necklace – so I figured how hard could this braided t-shirt bracelet be? Turns out it’s pretty easy. Otherwise, let’s be honest, I wouldn’t have figured it out. And cheap. Yahoo!

You’ll need:

  • Cotton or jersey T-shirt you don’t mind cutting up. Or you can pick up a shirt at Goodwill. White and grey make good base colors for pastel or neon cord.
  • 1 yard of rattail cord for each bracelet. You can find lots of fun colors at JoAnn’s for 50-99 cents a yard.
  • Magnets. I got a package of 10 for $2.
  • Glue. Either hot glue or tacky glue or both.

Braided T-Shirt DIY Bracelets |


1. Cut the shirt into 3 strips roughly 1-inch wide and about 12 inches long. But don’t stress cutting this precisely. The ends will roll in so you don’t need it to be pretty.

2. Cut the rattail cord into 3 10-inch pieces.

3. Anchor the top with a bobby pin or rubber band, separate into 3 strands, and start braiding.

Braided T-Shirt DIY Bracelets |

4. When you get to the end of the braid, snip the ends, bunch all of the pieces together, and glue on the magnet.

5. Do the same to the other end. Wrap it around your wrist and make sure you have the right length before attaching the second magnet.

Braided T-Shirt DIY Bracelets |

6. Cut two little pieces of fabric to cover over the magnet ends.

7. Fold the fabric over the magnet and glue together.

Braided T-Shirt DIY Bracelets | Braided T-Shirt DIY Bracelets |

What do you think? Would you make one? What colors would you use?


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  1. says

    These look awesome. I have several foster kids that would love to make these. They are easy, upcycle, and kid friendly. Thank you for sharing.

  2. says

    When we have our 16-year-old granddaughter’s friends for a sleepover, we always try to do a craft project to keep them busy and give them something to take home the next morning. We’ve done puffy painted t-shirts, hand-stamped leather bracelets, decorated sugar cookies and fringed scarf t-shirts:
    We will definitely add these awesome braided bracelets to the repertoire … thanks!

  3. says

    If you want to make these with kids and don’t have dry time use duct tape. I had kids rubber band the 6 pieces together and duct tape to the table, braid, add another rubber band to the end. I pre cut strips of duct tape ( they have lots of pretty stuff) Grey t-shirt matches the regular grey duct tape. Have them tape tightly next to the rubber band. Take band off, cut ends and then the 3rd piece of tape to tape the 2 ends together. No need for the magnet!

  4. Caroline says

    I love your blog! This project is so much fun! I tried it using my favorite Turks Head knot tutorial. It makes a bracelet using only one length of T-shirt yarn. I hope this helps, expense and look wise. I’ll be tuned in for more great crafts!

  5. Dee says

    very cute. I make knots on the end of mine and attach a jump ring on one side and jump ring attached to a lobster claw and there you have it. I like this magnet thing as well. they do have magnetic closeres as well. gotta love craftyness! love it:) very nice colors:)

  6. Lydia says

    Is there a trick to braiding with the raittail cord? When braiding only 2 of the strands appear on the bracelet.
    Love these bracelets….thanks for sharing!

  7. bethany says

    i just saw this via pinterest & i am so looking forward to making these! i got a giftcard to michaels for christmas & i am heading there as soon as i can to pick up some supplies. you are so creative and talented! i love crafting, but i’m only good at following what others have already “invented”. thank you so much for sharing this and giving such a wonderful tutorial! do you think hot glue would work just as well as tacky glue?

  8. Barb says

    Love these! Just a thought for those having a problem with magnets. Magnets have a positive and a negative side. So make the strongest connection before glueing

    • megangreen04 says

      I’m doing a fundraiser at my school to help the victims of hurricane Sandy. We decided to use this idea for bracelets and they turned out GREAT! It’s going to be hard to put them up for sale because they’re all super adorable! Thanks for the idea!

  9. says

    Hey! I am doing adoption fundraisers for our international adoption, would it be okay if I used this pattern to make some bracelets for people to buy? They totally rock!

  10. Jennifer says

    I found this on Pinterest and tried it with my 10 yr old step-daughter… SO CUTE, SO FUN AND SO EASY!! I bought the same brand (i think) of magnets and they worked FABULOUS! Although they were a little $$ at the little hardware store so I’ll be hunting for a better source…. Thank you so much for sharing this idea!

  11. Abegail says

    This is awesome. Can I use your idea and use it for a livelihood project for mothers that needs extra income?

  12. Rose says

    Made w/ red tee and black wool, came out great. I didn’t use magnets but I knotted one the ends and slipped one through the gaps in the plaiting, so it is really easy to adjust

  13. sandy nana says

    what did you use to cut your shirt i used regular scissors but everything just got uneven and it was just a mess .. could you tell me what you used to cut your shirt and btw that is a amazing bracelet :D

  14. says

    Could you tell me where you found the magnets? Or the exact name for this type magnet? I love the bracelet and love that you are willing to share!! Thanks.

  15. says

    Hi Stephanie!
    I loved this idea. I’ve done one in grey and an orange cord, just like yours and it looks great. Only I didn’t had magnets at home and decided to tie it to a ring and a “hook”. I loved the look and just didn’t like that the piece of cloth is stretchy and the cord is not. ;)
    Thanks for sharing! Great blog! :)

  16. Vickie says

    I love these, got all my supplies and glued my magnets on with hot glue… And they are weak now, they were very strong till I glued them on. I am so confused. What am I doing wrong?

    • gerbermom says

      Did you glue the magnets on backwards by any chance? Or cover them up with too much fabric? That’s the only thing I can think of … let me know!

  17. says

    I love this! I couldn’t find magnets here in my town (small place where hardly anyone crafts) so I decided to sew the ends together…and then just finish it off the way you did…with it wrapped with the extra fabric. It slips on and off my wrist pretty well, and I have a chunky hand!! Thanks for this tutorial!!!

    • Amber says

      Tracy, you need to learn how to give feedback. Although your comment is helpful, it is very unkind in its delivery….
      Thank you for the tutorial, Stephanie, I happened upon your site from pinterest. Great job!

  18. Paula says

    Did you have any trouble with keeping them on? My magnets seem weak! If I jerk my wrist or thrust my arm it goes flying! Just wondering how these were for every day wear on you… Could you email me back & let me know?? Thank you so much! Paula

    • says

      This problem might have been caused because you did not glue on the magnets properly. If you do glue the magnets properly, Paula, it would not go flying under any circumstances. I hope that i have answered your problem. :)

  19. says

    LOVE these bracelets! They look so easy to make and very inexpensive for supplies! Thank you for linking up to Sew Woodsy last week. You had the most clicks on your post thus being the Reader’s Choice. Your project was featured today!

  20. says

    I’ll be featuring you Tuesday night at the beginning of {wow me} wednesday. You were one of the most viewed links at last week’s party. Yay! Thank you so much for linking up!

    Ginger @

  21. cynD says

    Love the magnet part.. the braid like you said we have done that.. but the small style and the closiure.. yah-hoo!! Making for the kids in my life.. all kinds of sizes. Five yearolds to 23. I know some will love these. and the colors!!

  22. Judith W says

    I’m going to save/pin this project for 4H kids to do this summer.

    Oddly, though, there is some box that shows up on your website in the instructions that blocks out part of the text on numbers 4 and 5. Can you see that?


  23. Kalina says

    <3 this! I have an old green one that was like 5 dollars somewhere, but its literally falling apart.
    I would love to make a green and black one, or maybe gold and black? (Hunger games themed…? Haha)

  24. Gina says

    Wonderful idea…..I just had to make one or “several” I went right to Jo-Anne fabric today and supplied up. A couple things I did was, when done braiding I kept rubber bands on each end, snipped it evenly and glued on my magnets. Turned out perfect, and also make sure cord i held in place on top of fabric. Thank you so much for the wonderful craft idea.

  25. conni says

    oh these are fantastic! what a great way to keep a little bit of my daughter’s favorite shirts as she outgrows them. i do have one concern though. the magnets are a quick and simple idea, but they could demagnetize your computer, phone, credit cards etc……has anyone had this problem??

    • Lizzy says

      I haven’t made them yet, but I assume that they are not super strong, and probably not even strong enough to affect those items… but I could be wrong…

  26. says

    I love these! I’ve seen braided t-shirt bracelets before but the color you added in makes all the difference to make them really unique. I”m adding this to my to do list!

  27. says

    I LOVE these! I actually repinned this from pinterest the other day, and then clicked on your blog from your comment on mine. : ) can’t wait to try these!!

  28. says

    awesome use of a magnet! i would love for you to link this post or any other posts you want up to my weekly link party called spread the love. it’s a weekend wrap up party where you can share anything and everything you want! there is also a really awesome vinyl giveaway going on there right now too, so go check it out!
    have a wonderful weekend!
    {love} lauryn @

  29. Debbie says

    I am so gonna be making these for my grand-daughters! And the are simple and very inexpensive to make…thank so much for sharing..

  30. says

    what a great idea for all those t-shirts that don’t ever get worn. I love this idea, kids would love to make these too. I would make them in fun pinks and green!

  31. says

    Tweeted 533 times?! WOW! It looks like you have a popular post on your hands. :D And I can see why–this is ingenious! I think I’ve seen those bracelets before too and I liked them, but never gave them a second thought because anything over $20 is more than I will spend on jewelry.

  32. Susanna says

    Very cool! Yes, I’d love some please! You’re a natural with jewelry. Next step-original creations by Steph!

  33. says

    SO entirely cute. I just saw some of these at Urban Outfitters today and they were about $35.00 each, I’d much rather make my own:)

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