DIY Clay Birdfeeder

DIY Clay  Birdfeeder - Henry Happened

Happy Earth Day! After a candy-filled Valentine’s and Easter, I love a holiday that encourages kids to appreciate and explore their world. We’ve been spotting more and more birds in the back yard and thought it was high time we crafted up a feeder for them.

DIY Birdfeeder with clay

I now have bird seed obsessed kids, happy birds and the fattest squirrels you’ve ever seen.

To make your own bird feeder, you will need:

  • Oven bake clay
  • Rope
  • Copper tubing piece
  • Small piece of cloth
  • Bird seed

birdfeeder tutorial with kids

First, roll out the clay between sheets of parchment paper till it’s about 1/4 inch thick. This is a good task for the kiddos, as long as they are old enough to not eat the clay.

Then use an oven-safe bowl to shape the clay. You can either put the clay inside the bowl or flip the bowl over and lay the clay on top. Trim the edges with a knife and poke three holes in the bowl big enough for your rope.

After the clay bakes and cools, attach three pieces of rope to the bowl by knotting one end and pulling the rope through the hole. Slide on the copper tubing piece and knot the other ends of the rope. And after recently learning that oven bake clay is not considered food safe, I lined the bottom of our feeder with a small piece of cloth.

Finally, let the kids fill the feeder (trust me, this will be their favorite part and will involve a lot of birdseed). Hang from a tree branch and enjoy!

hanging birdfeeder tutorial with clay

How are you celebrating Earth Day? If you have any Earth-friendly kids craft ideas, please share!

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    • gerbermom says

      Aw, thanks Tonia. They usually hate modeling but I couldn’t get them to stop with the birdseed this time :)

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