DIY Cord Bead Bracelets

By Charlotte of Lotts and Lots

It’s been a while but I’m back with another fab bracelet tutorial for you all – just in time for the holiday season. If you’re looking for an idea to make your loved one or just for yourself, I seriously recommend giving these a go. They are perfect for beginners, as they are really simple to put together, but also perfect for your purse, as the materials are inexpensive – you should be able to pick up everything at your local craft store.

DIY Cord Bead Bracelets | Henry Happened DIY Cord Bead Bracelets | Henry Happened

Supplies needed

  • Cord – I went for a mix of gold, silver and mauve
  • Cord ends
  • 7mm Jump rings
  • Bolt clasps
  • Fine wire
  • Seed beads
  • Strong glue
  • Tape (optional)

How to Make DIY Cord Bead Bracelets | Henry Happened


Step 1

Cut a length of cord the same width as your wrist. I found it easier to wrap a piece of tape around my cord to stop the ends from fraying.

Step 2

Apply a dab of glue to the inside of your cord end, leave to dry for a few minutes and then insert your cord. Repeat on the other side and then leave to dry.

Step 3

Cut a length of wire 40 – 50cm long about 10cm from the end wrap tightly around the cord a few times. The beaded section on these bracelets is 5cm long so I started to wrap 2.5cm from the centre of the bracelet.

Step 4

Start to add your beads, thread on about 7cm worth of beads at a time and then wrap the beads around the cord.

How to Make DIY Cord Bead Bracelets | Henry Happened

Step 5

When you get to the end of your beaded section, wrap the end of the wire tightly around the cord and snip off any excess wire. I tucked the sharp end of the wire into the cord to so it wouldn’t catch.

Step 6

As an alternative you could wrap diamante chain onto your cord: apply in exactly the same way as your seed beads. This version is even easier!

Step 7

Add a jump ring to one end of the bracelet and a bolt clasp to the other end of the bracelet.

That’s it simple and beautiful, just what we all need at this time of year!

DIY Cord Bead Bracelets | Henry HappenedDIY Cord Bead Bracelets | Henry Happened


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