DIY: Crystal Embellished Sandals

DIY Crystal Embellished Sandals | Don’t you love easy projects that take your staples from regular to glam in no time? This super-easy DIY is sure to add some serious flair to an old (or new) pair of leather sandals!

You have probably seen the jeweled or crystal embellished sandals trend around; personally I love how a little sparkle can take a simple pair of leather sandals up a notch , but spending a ton of money on something that takes little time and (trust me) no crafty  hands or talent to do, makes no sense! This is the kind of project that doesn’t require lots of money or expertise, yet the result is amazing. Judge for yourself!

DIY Crystal Embellished Sandals | SUPPLIES NEEDED

  • Acrylic crystals
  • Strong glue (I used leather grip adhesive)
  • A pair of sandals. I used these in tan that are just $24, but these and these would also be great for this project


How to embellish sandals  with crystals - Hello Natural


Play around with the crystals until you come up with a pattern or design you like. Just make sure you have enough for both sandals. Use a tiny tiny bit of glue stick to temporarily place them before you use the strong glue. Why? This way you can re-arrange them or move them around in case you make a mistake.


Start with the center of the design. Apply a bit of glue to the crystal, press down and hold firmly for 10-15 seconds.


Keep adding crystals, working your way out from the center. Let the glue dry for a couple of hours before hitting the street (or the beach!)

DIY Crystal Embellished Sandals | How easy was that?!


With a passion for fashion and living a healthy lifestyle with a positive attitude, Gaby Burger is the freelance blogger, writer, and graphic designer behind The Vault Files.

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