DIY Ear Cuff

Who else is itching to make earrings after seeing these 50 diy earrings? I say it’s time to try an ear cuff! Honestly, it’s so easy to DIY and makes a perfect statement piece. Just remember you only need one!

DIY Ear Cuff | Henry Happened

This idea came from Caroline and her love of all things dress up, make-up and jewels. Fully decked out in princess gowns, she and her cousin Sofia found my stash of gem stickers and started sticking them on their ears as earrings. So we took their sparkly idea and ran with it!

DIY Ear Cuff

Supplies needed:

DIY Ear Cuff | Henry Happened

Arrange the gems on a piece of felt, keeping a slight curve and the largest gems at the bottom. One you like the design, glue the sides of the gems together with E-6000. Let the glue dry completely and cut away the felt. With a dab of hot glue, attach a flat earring backing to the bottom gem.

In the making process we realized that a flat earring back worked much better than an actual ear cuff. (This was, of course, after waiting 3 weeks for the cuffs to arrive in the mail.) The cuffs made it hard to position the earring on the ear so I don’t really recommend them.

How to Make an Ear Cuff

After experiencing a bit of earring droopage, we learned from the Honestly WTF girls that using an earring stabilizer on the back keeps the earring in place. Excellent tip!


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  1. Theresa says

    This is yet another one where we can use an old water bottle. Being clear and thin you can cut it into any shape you want yet it is strong enough to keep it’s shape when all those gems are added.
    I use water bottles in place of felt for anything I need stability for. I am SO gonna try this one!

  2. Eleanor says

    Love this. I have a nickel allergy, so I can’t wear the conventional kind, but this looks like something I can do and wear. Thanks.

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