DIY Embellished Beanie (2 Ways!)

DIY Embellished Beanie Welcome back from Thanksgiving! Did you have a great break? Did you do any holiday crafting? After my food coma wore off, I decided to make … hats!

As a short haired gal, I love a good hat in the morning. Because my morning hair redefines the word crazy. Think sticking out in all directions, standing straight up sort of crazy. When I saw this street style photo – of a short haired gal, in a hat! – I got out my glue gun to bedazzle my own beanie.

diy jeweled beanie

Hats normally either make me look bald or like I have a cone head. But these $1.50 beanies from Wal-Mart are amazingly comfortable. They are super light and stretchy. Read on to make your own embellished beanie!

DIY Embellished Beanie

DIY Beanie Instructions What you’ll need:

  • A plain hat
  • Jewels or sequins. I bought a big container of plastic gems at Hobby Lobby that will last me forever.
  • Small piece of felt in coordinating color
  • Glue. I used Gem-Tac and a hot glue gun

Step 1: Cut a small piece of felt and lay out the gems in the pattern you want. Adhere with Gem-Tac and let dry completely.

Step 2: After the glue is dry, trim the felt.

Step 3: Hot glue the felt to the hat. Note: I originally used a hat from Target. But it was so stiff that I could barely get it on my head so I ripped off the felt (the glue was surprisingly strong!) and put it on a new hat.

DIY Sequin Beanie

DIY Sequin Beanie You can also make a sparkle hat like this $138 Anthropologie one with a few sequins. I made a pink version for Caroline and liked it so much that I dressed up a cream hat with gold and silver sequins for myself.

DIY Sequin Beanie Are you a hat person? I love bundling up in the winter. Now we just need some cold weather!


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  1. Stefanina says

    One suggestion I would make is to stretch the hat over a foam head (available at many beauty supply/wig stores) or similar type object before starting. Even a balloon would do in a pinch, just be careful with the hot glue.
    Otherwise you’ll run into the “it won’t stretch” problem because you glued the stretchy knit stiff.

  2. says

    I have a collection of ridiculous hats with ear flaps, pom-poms, etc. from our time living in Wisconsin. A simple sparkly beanie would probably be more adult and appropriate for southern winters, huh? I love the sequins!

  3. Deb says

    I LOVE the hats., esp. the creamone with silver & gold…VERY cool!
    ….so glad you made the hats and not the necklace (wink)

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