DIY Fashion

DIY Crystal Embellished Sandals | Henry Happened

DIY: Crystal Embellished Sandals

Sandals don’t have to be boring! Make your own crystal embellished sandals with this super-easy how-to.

DIY Summer Scarf | Henry Happened

DIY: Watercolor Painted Summer Scarf

Stay stylish this summer with a light (and easy-to-make) DIY summer scarf. With gauzy fabric and painted stripes, it screams “summer.” Perfect with shades!

DIY Raffia Straw Hat | Henry Happened

DIY: Decorated Straw Hats With Anthropologie

A couple of weeks ago I hosted a DIY event with Anthropologie, and it was so inspiring to spend an evening with smart, funny and… 

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DIY No Sew Sunglasses Case

DIY: No Sew Bandana Sunglasses Case

Without a doubt, one of the biggest beauty must-haves is a big pair of sunglasses. While I may not look as cool as Jackie O,… 

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bra care fold in half-3

The Ultimate Guide to Bras

There is nothing quite as depressing as droopy boobs. And, unless you’re Giselle, a couple of pregnancies and a few years of breastfeeding changes things…. 

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hair dryer to shrink cuffs

DIY Natural Moth Sachet + 9 More Clever Hacks to Save Your Sweater

Sweaters may just be the best part of winter: they’re like a beloved fluffy teddy bear that you get to wear. But, as is the… 

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DIY Jewelry Tray from Old Scarves

DIY Jewelry Tray Using Old Scarves

Every January I get the urge to purge my drawers and detox my closet. It’s the best time to get practical about the stuff you… 

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DIY Sequin Clutch

BEST OF 2013 : Top 10 DIYs

From bracelets and candles to nail polish and no sew, here are our 10 most popular DIYs in 2013.

DIY Zipper Clutch

DIY Zipper Clutch with Monogram or Pom Pom

Confession time: I’m terrified of zippers. Where do they go? How do you sew them properly? How do you hide the ends? I have no… 

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25 DIY Gifts for Gals

25 Easy DIY Gifts for Gals

Looking for homemade gift ideas? There’s something here for every gal on your list!