DIY Fleece Scarf (Cute Kid Alert!)

DIY Fleece Scarf You know what is totally cute that your kids will never wear? A scarf that you slaved over! Ok, maybe more like mindlessly passed the time during a Scandal marathon (my new favorite show).

But seriously, how completely adorable are these two? Getting the scarves on them took major bribery but I think I’m willing to let them have a treat now and again if they will wear their handmade fleece scarves.

DIY Fleece Scarf

DIY Fleece Scarf For Kids I don’t have any how-to shots because I wasn’t sure the project would turn out. But I love how simple, cozy – and, dare I say, homemade? – they look. I kind of love that they aren’t perfect (my Scotty dog is just a wee bit crooked :).

Kids Fleece Scarf Fleece Scarf For Kids

If you have slightly more cooperative children, here’s the rough how-to. I cut a long piece of fleece and blanket stitched the edges with embroidery floss. Put an old scarf on your child to figure out the right length to cut. Then I cut the animals shapes out of felt and stitched them on with the same color embroidery floss.

Henry’s scarf is a single piece of fleece with a little slit so that it can pull through. Since he is littler I thought that would make it easier for him to wear. Caroline’s is a longer, wider piece of felt that I folded in half and stitched so that it can wrap around.

DIY Fleece Scarves Cute Fleece Scarves Totally unrelated but Sam is 6 months old now. How amazing are those blue eyes?

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