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DIY Aromatic Wax Firestarters |

7 DIY Ways To Make Fire Starters for a Cozy Christmas

7 DIY ways to make fire starters that will not only make it easier to get the fire going but also make your house smell delightful.

DIY Aromatherapy Holiday Cards |

HOW TO: Make Your Own Aromatherapy Holiday Cards

Veggies, essential oils, acrylic paints and 15 minutes is all you need to make your own aromatherapy greeting cards.

Gold Leaf Ornament | Hello Natural

5 FAVES: DIY-Worthy Christmas Ornaments

Deck the halls with these favorite, easy DIY Christmas ornaments.

3 Holiday Pot Simmer Recipes |

3 Holiday Pot Simmer Recipes

Make your house cozy, comfy and ready for the holidays with these 3 easy pot simmer recipes!

DIY: Cornstarch clay gift wrap |

DIY: Cornstarch Clay Gift Tags

You’re just few pantry items away from beautiful, simply festive clay gift tags that the kids can help make.

Framed kid artwork |

KID CRAFT! DIY 3D Framed Art (Perfect for Gifts)

Celebrate your child’s creativity, and make a perfect gift for friends and family, with these DIY 3D frames that make your kids’ artwork extra special!

101 Homemade Holiday Gifts |

101 Homemade Holiday Gifts

Stumped for gift ideas? Never fear. This list of 101 homemade holiday gifts will help you tackle your entire list.

Layered Scent DIY Holiday Candles |

DIY: Layered Scent Holiday Candles

Just a few simple ingredients make up these cute, gift-worthy DIY holiday candles, layered with holiday colors and scents.

Soy Wax DIY Scented Candles |

5 FAVES: Super Easy DIY Hostess Gifts

Need a last-minute gift with a unique touch? Try one of these easy DIY hostess gifts!

How to Make Aromatic Wax Fire Starters |

Make Your House Smell Like the Holidays With DIY Aromatic Wax Fire Starters

Get your house ready for the holidays with these aromatic, easy-to-make wax fire starters.