DIY Jewelry Tray Using Old Scarves

Old Scarf DIY Jewelry Tray | Henry Happened Every January I get the urge to purge my drawers and detox my closet. It’s the best time to get practical about the stuff you never wear instead of hoarding a bunch of ill-fitting clothes because they were trendy or you paid too much. But getting rid of old scarves? That’s another story. Most have sentimental history. And they’re so pretty and colorful! Instead of getting rid of the heap that had been stuffed in a drawer the entire year, I found a practical solution and turned them into jewelry trays.

DIY Jewelry Tray Supplies | Henry Happened Supplies needed:

  • Old scarves. Thin, filmy scarves work best
  • Wooden tray. If your kids got any Melissa & Doug toys for Christmas, then you’re in luck. All of their products seem to come with wooden trays that I never know what to do with. You can also get simple wooden trays from the craft store (and they’re cheap!).
  • Mod Podge + Brush

Jewelry Organizer Wooden Tray | Henry Happened

Step 1

Coat the bottom and interior sides of the tray in Mod Podge.
Jewelry Organizer Wooden Tray | Henry Happened

Step 2

Lay the scarf into the tray. Starting from the center, press down and out to the sides to get it smooth.
DIY Jewelry Tray | Henry Happened

Step 3

I found it easier to let the inside dry before wrapping the scarf around the edges. Once the middle is dry you won’t be pulling the scarf and having to reposition so often to keep it smooth.
DIY Jewelry Tray Using Old Scarves | Henry Happened

Step 4

Paint the outside and the bottom of the tray with Mod Podge. Then wrap the scarf over the edge. You can Mod Podge the entire length of the scarf on the bottom or just do a section and then cut any excess scarf length after it dries.

If your scarf is thicker (like this one below) you can cut and fold the edges and then Mod Podge the heck out of them.

DIY Jewelry Tray Using Old Scarves | Henry Happened Now and I enjoy my scarves without feeling guilty about never wearing them. Whew!

Jewelry Tray from Old Scarf | Henry Happened Do you like to clean and get organized at the beginning of the year? Let me know your organizing tricks!


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  1. DeeDee Buff says

    Great idea! Have lots of thin square scarves that belonged to my late Mother. My trays will be special to me.
    Thanks for the idea

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