DIY Nautical Painted Rope Necklace

diy rope necklace

I recently fell in love with jewelry designer Jaclyn Mayer – she uses lots of rope, cord, paint, and metals that definitely inspire a trip to Home Depot. When I saw the playful rope necklaces in this spring/summer collection I wanted to make one.

It’s tough to achieve the enamel wax coating (it requires a kiln) but I think craft enamel paint creates a fun look too. I considered trying Plasti Dip but decided it wasn’t the best for a pregnant lady to experiment with.

rope necklace

(My cute babysitter makes a WAY better model than I do!)

What you’ll need:

make your own rope necklace

  • Enamel paint – I picked up little bottles of Krylon Short Cuts Craft Enamel Paint for $2.99 at my local hardware store. (Home Depot didn’t carry them but you can buy online here.)
  • 1/2 inch thick rope – 22 cents a foot at Home Depot
  • Mod Podge Gloss
  • Lighter
  • 2 jewelry end caps
  • Jump rings
  • Lobster closure
  • E-6000 glue


1. Cut the rope to the length you want and add knots. Use a lighter to seal any ends so it doesn’t fray while you’re working.

2. Paint a layer of Modge Podge where you want the paint to go. The slight difference in color will give you a good guide to follow when painting with the enamel.

rope necklace diy

3. Paint at least 3 coats of enamel paint, letting it completely dry in between. I highly recommend painting outside or in a well ventilated space as this paint is strong. You can add layers of Modge Podge in between if you want (I did between 2 of the coats I think).

4. Adjust necklace length if necessary and use E-6000 glue to attach the end caps. Let them dry overnight and then add jump rings and lobster closure.

The result!

DIY paint rope necklace










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  1. Chandra K. says

    I love – love! – this idea. I wanted to craft some Hindu trinity necklaces as favors for my dear friend’s India themed wedding, but had no clue of what materials to use. Great idea, and very budget-friendly. ;-)

  2. Petrin says

    Iam addicted to simple and different accesories, and you know? i love these style, specially the sticks one! Thanks a lot for all your ideas, and i always watch everyone you publish!

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