DIY the Most Versatile Necklace Ever – Wear It 3 Ways!

DIY The Most Versatile Necklace Ever | Henry HappenedAs a busy mom, I’m all about multitasking. So if I can find (or DIY) an accessory that can be worn several different ways, then I’m all over it. Which is why I’m calling this necklace the bold title of ‘most versatile necklace ever!’ I love that it can be worn as a short necklace or as a pendant. Or even wrapped on your arm as a bracelet. Plus, you can make it in colors that complement your wardrobe – green and blue were my choices, since they’re my favorites.

DIY the Most Versatile Necklace | Henry HappenedSupplies needed -

  • 15 green stones or beads
  • 26 gauge gold wire
  • 2 gold beads
  • T-shirt you don’t mind recycling
  • Jewelry pliers with wire clippers

IMG_6808How to make a versatile necklace | Henry HappenedInstructions -

1. String the green beads onto the wire. Finish with a gold bead and bend the end of the wire into a small loop with the pliers. But don’t close the loop all the way! Just close it enough so that the beads don’t fall off.

2. Clip the other end of the wire, leaving a bit of excess length. Add the other gold bead to that end and curl the wire into a loop.

Versatile necklace DIY | Henry Happened3. Cut two long strips of the T-shirt, each about 1-inch wide and 2-feet long.

Making a necklace | Henry Happened4. Fold back a 1-inch piece of fabric on the end of each shirt strip and and start wrapping with a length of wire.

Versatile Necklace DIY | Henry Happened5. Wrap several times and clip the excess wire.

Beads and fabric necklace | Henry Happened6. Using jewelry pliers, attach the hook at each end of the bead wire to the wrapped wire and close the loop.The most versatile necklace | Henry HappenedCan you think of any other ways to wear this necklace?


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  1. Sharon says

    I love this and the idea of it being multi-use. There are so many possibilities for color and style.
    But I am a little confused as to how to adjust it to the longer length?

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