DIY Necklaces

Nothing makes a statement like your own DIY Necklace! Check out our DIY Necklace Tutorials for step-by-step instructions on how to make a variety of easy and stylish necklaces.

Charm Necklace with Tassels DIY | Henry Happened

DIY: Colorful Charm Necklace with Tassels

Learn how to make a charm necklace with cute, colorful tassels. A perfect DIY summer project for older kids!

Refashioned Pearl Necklace

Refashioned DIY Pearl Necklace + Closet Detox

This has been one of those weeks when nothing went according to plan. Inevitably, everything seems to go wrong precisely when I have lofty aspirations…. 

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Agate DIY Pendant Necklace |

2-Step DIY Pendant Necklace with Agate

Agate slices turn into a gorgeously simple DIY pendant necklace.

25 Statement Necklaces

25 DIY Statement Necklaces to Rock on New Year’s Eve

I don’t think there has been a time when statement necklaces were so huge. Yes, these necklaces are big, but I mean huge as in… 

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DIY the Most Versatile Necklace Ever – Wear It 3 Ways!

As a busy mom, I’m all about multitasking. So if I can find (or DIY) an accessory that can be worn several different ways, then… 

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DIY Anthropologie rope necklace

Hey, Anthro, will you stop making gorgeous stuff I can’t afford? Because until then I’ll continue to DIY the whole catalog. This time, I fell… 

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Diamond pinata DIY necklace

Do you ever get those random flashes of inspiration late at night when you can’t sleep? This usually happens to me when Henry starts wailing… 

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DIY Copper Triangle Necklace

DIY copper triangle necklace

As I get older my aesthetic moves more toward clean lines and simple shapes. The mountain of gear that comes with having three kids has… 

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31 DIY Necklace Tutorials

There’s been a lot of DIYing going on ’round these parts! And for some reason I’ve been stuck on making necklaces. Seriously, we have enough… 

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hh glittercollar cover

DIY Glitter Collar

Whew! I can’t believe Christmas is over. It’s crazy how fast it flies by. And yesterday it snowed (well, flurries) so it was *almost* a… 

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