2-Step DIY Pendant Necklace with Agate

I love agate. The stones are so gorgeous with rich, swirly colors. I’ve been searching for a pretty agate ‘slice’ for ages and finally hit on the answer: Etsy. Duh, right? Is there anything you can’t find on Etsy? Then, naturally, I spent hours looking at every.single.piece of agate for sale to find the perfect color and size. This pretty green one was just right! Turning it into a pendant necklace is the world’s easiest DIY.

Agate DIY Pendant Necklace | HelloNatural.co In fact, the DIY was so easy I didn’t take any pictures, but I’m pretty sure you can follow along. These cool druzy pieces make pretty necklaces too, if you prefer something shorter.

DIY Pendant Necklace with agate

Supplies needed

  • Agate slice pendant
  • Gold chain
  • Gold jump ring
  • Jewelry pliers

Agate DIY Pendant Necklace | HelloNatural.co

Step 1

Measure a 34-inch piece of gold chain and cut with jewelry pliers. Feed the chain through the pendant loop at the top of the stone.

Step 2

Open the jump ring with your pliers, attach it to the two ends of the chain and close again with pliers.

Agate DIY Pendant Necklace | HelloNatural.co Slip it over your neck and you’re done! The stones are so pretty on their own that you don’t need to add anything else.


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  1. Krys Bearden says

    How do you get the gold, silver… that serves as the bezel on the agates? I’ve seen them both ways but would like to make it myself if possible.

    • Faye says

      I realize this question is 10 months old, but, for others who have the same question, go to the web sight of “Darby Smart”. She shows two different ways to create a bezel for it. One is with a small chain and the other with a gold paint pen. Hope this helps!

  2. says

    I love agate. LOVE. And my sweet little seven year old bought me a slice (with her own money, no less!) while we were on vacation last summer. I’m totally turning it into a necklace! She’ll be thrilled and I’ll get to wear a pretty little memory of both our vacation and her sweetness. #Win!

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