DIY Sleep Mask + Favorite Beauty Tip

Guess what all the ladies on my Christmas list are getting this year? A sleep mask! Ok, ok, not exactly groundbreaking, I know. But I’m also giving them my new favorite thing – a silk pillowcase. A beauty trick I just learned from my hairdresser, the pillowcase is a miracle for morning hair. It feels amazing AND you don’t wake up with hair standing straight up. This is life changing for a gal with high voltage hair every morning!

Sleep Mask

The sleep mask design is straight from my obsession with Criminal Minds. (Though I seriously don’t recommend watching that show late at night.) Tech goddess Garcia sported this mask and I had to have it! So order a few pillowcases and whip up a few masks – it’s super easy!

DIY Sleep Mask DIY Sleep Mask

DIY Sleep Mask Supplies You’ll need:

  • Download Eye Mask Template
  • Felt in white, black, pink and tan
  • Short piece of elastic
  • Gold sequins (optional)
  • Needle & thread
  • Pink ribbon
  • Scissors and hot glue gun

DIY Sleep Mask 1. Download the template and cut out 2 eyelashes and 2 eyebrows. Also cut 2 face mask shapes – one in white and one in black felt.

2. Hot glue the white and black mask pieces together and add the felt eyelashes and eyebrows. Tie a pink bow with ribbon and attach with glue. Add sequins if using.

DIY Sleep Mask

DIY Sleep Mask

3. Cut a piece of elastic that fits your head and sew it to the felt on both sides.

Voila! DIY Sleep Mask

So darn cute, right? Have finished up your make + give gifts?


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  1. jenny says

    I don’t know what the pink ribbon is for, and I don’t see a pink bow anywhere on the mask. Sorry and thank-you!! Cute idea!!!

  2. Lanie says

    I don’t know if maybe i’m missing it or what, but what is the pink felt used for?? Super cute!! I’m about to make these with my youth group for a Pinterest party!! :)

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