DIY Cement Star Votives

Since you guys loved Sam’s cement letters, here is another fun project if you were brave – and strong – enough to pick up a 60-pound bag of cement. They don’t seem to sell this stuff in small, easy to manage sizes (at least not that I found). So don’t be afraid to ask for help at the hardware store! Because I’m pretty sure me struggling to heft this crazy heavy bag into my trunk was comical to say the least.

DIY Cement Votives | Back to the candles! Are you hosting a 4th of July party? These DIY votive holders are the perfect table decoration. Not only are they a festive shape, but they also give off a nice glow and do double duty a table weight. Awesome, right?! Yes, I’m here to help, folks.

DIY Cement Star Votives

Supplies needed:

  • Quick dry cement
  • Glass star bowl found at The Dollar Store
  • Candle votives
  • Parchment paper or Saran Wrap
  • Cooking spray

DIY Cement Votives | First, coat the inside of the glass star bowl with cooking spray. Then line it with parchment paper or Saran Wrap. I tried both and they worked about the same.

Mix up a small amount of cement according to the directions. I’d recommend raiding the recycling bin for a disposable plastic container to mix in. Fill the glass bowl with cement, making sure to get into the points of the star. This stuff starts to set pretty fast so don’t wait too long to insert the votive in the middle. Move the votive around a bit to create a space big enough for it to be removed.

Smooth out the top of the cement with a trowel or spatula. Then cover the top of the cement with Saran Wrap or parchment. It makes a nice rippled texture that looks more polished than just a plain surface.

Let the cement dry and then remove it from the bowl and tear away the paper. Don’t try to get the cement out by pulling on the paper. Turn the dish on its side and pull from the votive area. Just make sure the cement is fully dry so that it doesn’t crumble.

DIY Cement Votives | Now I’m thinking I have to host a BBQ just to show off my new decorations. How are you celebrating the 4th of July?


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  1. Laurene says

    Great Idea! Two tips from another cement worker… You can add concrete coloring to the cement, and you can file the rough edges with a fine metal rasp.

  2. Deb Frank says

    LOVE it! I have that bowl! I painted the outside in silver (Martha Stewart paint-works any ANY surface)

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