DIY Woven Chain Necklace

DIY Woven Chain Necklace |

On a hunt for coral jewelry I found this bracelet and LOVED it. First thought: gotta pin it. Second thought: I can make that! Which is good because the original cost $395 and is out of stock (people paid that?).

I picked up a chain necklace from Goodwill a few weeks ago for $2 and figured I could braid it with some kind of thread. Funny, I can’t braid hair worth a flip (maybe because I don’t have any) but I can braid jewelry!

You will need:

  • Gold chain in the length you prefer (bracelet or necklace). If you don’t buy a necklace with clasps already in it, you can use the paper clip method above to link the chain together.
  • Embroidery thread. I got 3 little bundles of each color. They were 17 cents each!

Total cost about $3.

Step 1: Good news: this is the hardest part. Create your thread bundles. You want about 15-18 individual threads in each bundle, and they should be roughly 2-3 times the length of chain.

Step 2: Knot the two bundles of thread together at the top, leaving about 1-1.5 inches at the top. Lay the thread out to the left of the chain.

Step 3: Take the thread on the right (the one closest to the chain) and bring it through the chain from underneath.

DIY Woven Chain Necklace |

Step 4: Cross the thread on the left over the right then pull it through the chain from underneath.

DIY Woven Chain Necklace |

Step 5: Continue crossing and threading. Once you get the hang of it, it goes really fast.

Optional: If you have a wider chain you can bring both threads through each link for a chunkier look. I did some of both on my necklace.

DIY Woven Chain Necklace |

Step 6: Knot the thread when you get to the end and trim the edges.

DIY Woven Chain Necklace |

I’m not usually a necklace person but I have been having fun wearing this and my turquoise one!


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  1. vera says

    I really LOVE your necklace. And I want to make it too obviously :D BUT I have NO idea where I can get a chain like yours… :( I am searching for a long time now and I haven’t found one. Do you have a tip for me, where I can buy some, best online, cause I am from Germany. :)

    Greetings Vera

    • Ana says

      In germany we got Opitec, it´s a catalogue and online craft shop. I think it sells all over Europe. Good Luck!

  2. Henri says

    I *love* this, and have a few notes on developed technique from making a bunch of these:

    I attach really small safety pins to the end of the bundles and use them like needles. Makes it TONS easier to thread the bundles through the chain.

    I also managed to make this work with THREE bundles of thread. It looks fierce, but you have to account for slight loss of space, especially if you’re like me and over-bundle. It looks gorgeous but if I didn’t have the wrists of a toddler it would probably be too small for me.

    If you can’t find chains anywhere, hit up Ebay. I got ten silver-plated toggle-clasp chain bracelets for £10 (around £16). You can also buy curb chain by the metre.

    Hope these hints help anyone else stumbling across this!

  3. Hilary Walker says

    ooo, I love this idea!! Will definitely have to give it a try! (just found your blog and really enjoying it so far!)

  4. says

    love that we think the same way i have to pin just about everything i see – best way to never have to search for it right? but this necklace is awesome you did such an amazing job looks as good as the real thing xx

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