DIY Woven Chain Necklace

DIY Woven Chain Necklace |

On a hunt for coral jewelry I found this bracelet and LOVED it. First thought: gotta pin it. Second thought: I can make that! Which is good because the original cost $395 and is out of stock (people paid that?).

I picked up a chain necklace from Goodwill a few weeks ago for $2 and figured I could braid it with some kind of thread. Funny, I can’t braid hair worth a flip (maybe because I don’t have any) but I can braid jewelry!

You will need:

  • Gold chain in the length you prefer (bracelet or necklace). If you don’t buy a necklace with clasps already in it, you can use the paper clip method above to link the chain together.
  • Embroidery thread. I got 3 little bundles of each color. They were 17 cents each!

Total cost about $3.

Step 1: Good news: this is the hardest part. Create your thread bundles. You want about 15-18 individual threads in each bundle, and they should be roughly 2-3 times the length of chain.

Step 2: Knot the two bundles of thread together at the top, leaving about 1-1.5 inches at the top. Lay the thread out to the left of the chain.

Step 3: Take the thread on the right (the one closest to the chain) and bring it through the chain from underneath.

DIY Woven Chain Necklace |

Step 4: Cross the thread on the left over the right then pull it through the chain from underneath.

DIY Woven Chain Necklace |

Step 5: Continue crossing and threading. Once you get the hang of it, it goes really fast.

Optional: If you have a wider chain you can bring both threads through each link for a chunkier look. I did some of both on my necklace.

DIY Woven Chain Necklace |

Step 6: Knot the thread when you get to the end and trim the edges.

DIY Woven Chain Necklace |

I’m not usually a necklace person but I have been having fun wearing this and my turquoise one!


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  1. vera says

    I really LOVE your necklace. And I want to make it too obviously :D BUT I have NO idea where I can get a chain like yours… :( I am searching for a long time now and I haven’t found one. Do you have a tip for me, where I can buy some, best online, cause I am from Germany. :)

    Greetings Vera

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