DIY Embroidery Hoop Card Catcher

Embroidery Hoop Card Catcher | Henry Happened

There’s lots happening at the Gerber house this week with 2 birthdays. Caroline is turning 6 (today!) and Mark’s birthday is Friday (age withheld by request). I’ve mentioned before that my family is big on card giving. I love picking cards! Great thought goes into choosing just the right one and filling all available white space.

But what I’m terrible at? Reading cards once and then shoving them into a drawer never to be seen again. Cards and stationary are so pretty – they should be on display to remember and enjoy! We fashioned a “card catcher” (because it sort of looks like a dream catcher) using a big embroidery hoop.

Halloween Web Hoop | Henry Happened

After making this we noticed that it looked like a web! So we made a spooky version for Halloween too. It’s never to early, right? Right?

Make your own card catcher

DIY Card Catcher Wrapped Hoop Embroidery Hoop Web

Supplies needed:

  • 24-inch embroidery hoop
  • Yarn or twine
  • Thumbtacks
  • Gold spray paint (optional)

First spray paint the hoop if you like. After that dries, it’s time to wrap the yarn. Tack one end of the yarn on the side of the hoop. Then start wrapping, zig zagging your way around the hoop. There’s no real science to this – it looks best random! – but we did start near the bottom and work our way up. Keep the yarn taunt and add thumb tacks on the side every so often to keep the yarn in place. When you’re done wrapping, add another tack at the end point and cut the yarn.

Then have fun decorating with cards, letters and mementos. If the yarn is tight enough the cards will sit right in web. If it’s a little loose in some spots, you can use fun things like pretty hair clips to hold things in place.

Embroidery Hoop Card Catcher | Henry Happened

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