My Favorite Way to Tie A Scarf Tutorial (It’s Easy!)

How was your weekend? It snowed here – twice! Too bad it melted before we could play in it but it was fun to get all bundled up. Wearing a scarf and hat makes me instantly feel all 1940s. Do you wear hats?

My cousin Katie is a super stylish young gal who recently spent a semester in Paris. Now every time I see her I try to pick up a few tricks on how chic French ladies dress. Apparently a few months abroad will make you a master at tying scarves – something that has always baffled me – but Katie showed me the easiest trick. It’s now my favorite way to tie a scarf!

tie a scarf tutorial

Outfit details: Hat c/o Julie Sinden, Scarf from Christmas (not sure of brand), Cardigan from J. Crew, Sequin shirt from Ann Taylor Loft

I love that this looks all knotty and complicated but is super easy. First, take a long scarf and fold it in half lengthwise.

how to tie a scarf

Loop it around your neck.

diy scarf

Take one of the loose ends and go over the loop and then back under.

scarf tutorial

Take the second free end and go under the loop and then back over.

how to tie a scarf tutorial

Adjust the length as needed. After you practice a couple of times you’ll get the hang of it.

French scarf tie

Add red lipstick and a hat and suddenly I feel all kinds of French. How do you tie your scarves?


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  1. Susanna says

    That looks great and I absolutely love the hat too :) I’ve always said you should wear more hats! I will have to try this scarf method too, thanks!

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