DIY Felt Pouch

When was the last time you cleaned out your purse? The last time I did, I found a few toy dinosaurs, my positive pregnancy test stick from Sam (I took it to the doctor because I didn’t believe it), and about a dozen different Chapsticks. Add to that receipts galore and diapers and clothes for 2 kids and it’s no wonder I can never find anything in there without launching a major investigation.

DIY Felt Pouch

Enter the cute felt pouch. I admit I made these for a simple reason: to stash diapers and wipes in my purse. That has to be better than my current Ziploc bag, right? But diapers and wipes are not exactly picture friendly so I also recommend stashing make-up or your pen and paper in these handy pouches.

Do you love pouches and purses? I’ve always been a bag lady. Not a must-change-purse-with-every-outfit kind but I do love getting a new purse each season. I’m getting ready to change out for spring (yay!) and a new little purse within a purse is a total win win.

purse pouch tutorial
To make your own pouch, you will need:

  • A sheet of stiff felt
  • Embroidery thread and a a needle
  • A button
  • Push pins

Glitter pouch
Simply fold the bottom of the felt, leaving enough at the top for the flap. Then blanket stitch around the pouch. If you don’t know how to blanket stitch, I recommend searching for it on YouTube. There are tons of videos and it’s way easier to learn visually. But don’t worry, it’s simple (and fast) once you get the technique.
felt purse tutorial
Once you sew all the way around the edges, then round the corners of the flap.
DIY Pouch with Felt
Cut a slit in the top and sew on a button on the underside. Finish by blanket stitching around the flap.
Pink Pouch

I’m not sure what this pink material is called. It comes in sheets in felt aisle but it has more of a faux leather feel on the inside.
DIY Felt Pouch Tutorial

How do you organize your purse? What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever found in there?


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  1. T Massey says

    These are great! And an excellent way of compartmentalising purse ‘stuff’, especially that ‘special time of the month’ paraphanalia! The weirdest thing I have ever found in my purse was just a couple weeks ago. I was doing that all too familiar ‘I know it’s in here somewhere’ purse dump on a counter at the library (complete with frowning librarian) and a wee stripey mousie cat toy skeedadled arcross the counter. I guess my kitten didn’t want me to forget him!

  2. says

    This is the perfect solution to getting the mess in my bag under control. I just need a place to put everything. These are so cute and functional. Did the felt already have glitter on it?

    • gerbermom says

      Yes! It came pre-glittered so it doesn’t come off at all – I found it in the same aisle with the regular felt. It’s nice because it’s more stiff than regular felt so it holds the shape really well.

  3. says

    oh, you and your glitter. I love these Stephanie. I’ve always wanted to make a few handbag organisers. One for toiletries, one for other bits and pieces just so I can throw into different bags. These are perfect.

    Anne xx

  4. says

    Hi there, these look great and super easy for us that can´t sew ;)
    I believe that the material you’re using in pink glitter is EVA foam. Looks like it and reading you’re description of it I immediatly thought of this material.
    (Sorry for my rusty English…!)

    • gerbermom says

      My philosophy seems to be that everything is better with glitter – I hope you’re having a girl so I can make you a blinged up onesie! :)

  5. says

    Guess what I bought on eBay on Sunday night… an embroidery needle and a mixed pack of thread! Looks like I have my first project. Where did you get your glitter felt or did you bling it up yourself?
    I often find beer bottle caps stashed in my bag. My husband used to leave them around the house and it drove me nuts so now it’s a little game we play – hide it in each other’s belongings and see how long it takes them to discover it. We’re simple folk!

    • gerbermom says

      Way to go Claire!! The glitter felt came that way – it’s with the regular felt section at the craft store. And love that game you and your hubby play :)

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