Make A Month of Green Smoothies in an Hour

Have you gotten on the green smoothie wagon yet? Over the past few years I’ve started making them for breakfast each day. It started out about health and an easy breakfast I could sip as a busy work-from-home-mom, and then I became utterly and completely addicted. I love my daily smoothie!

DIY Green Smoothie Formula | Maybe you’ve wanted try green smoothies, but you haven’t known where to start. Or maybe you’ve been too busy to look for recipes or tackle the daily prep involved. That’s where make-ahead frozen smoothie packs come into play. They are awesome and you’ll wonder what you ever did without them.

what is a green smoothie?

Let’s start with the basic makeup of a green smoothie. First, it doesn’t have to look green! A good green smoothie is built on several things – leafy greens, fruit (sometimes veggies too), liquid and other nutritional add-ins. Typically a green smoothie is 40% greens and 60% fruit, liquid and other add-ins. You can play with that until it feels right for your tastes.

  • Leafy greens: Chard, spinach, kale and collards, bok choy, romaine and other sweet lettuces
  • Fruit: Berries, pineapple, mango, citrus, avocado, pear, apple, banana, melon, dates, etc.
  • Veggies: Cucumber, celery, fennel, tomatoes, carrots, beets, pumpkin or butternut puree
  • Liquids: Water, coconut water, milk, non-dairy milks (coconut, soy, oat, nuts), juice, tea, fermented and cultured beverages (kefir, kombucha, buttermilk, whey, etc )
  • Nutritional add-ins: Chia seeds, flax seeds, acai powder, green superfood powders (acai, maca, spirulina, wheat grass, etc.), protein powder, cocoa powder, spices, hemp seeds, whole nuts, oats, etc.

How to make a frozen green smoothie system

Make A Month of Green Smoothies in an Hour 1. Buy in bulk

You’ve probably seen commercially prepared smoothie packs in the freezer sections of some stores. Awesome, but you can do it for less money at home, especially if you hit up a sale on fruit and greens. If you can, use what’s in season in your area. That’s a little harder for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere during the winter. That’s when I rely on buying fresh and frozen food in bulk at Costco.

2. You can have a different smoothie each day

For these packs, I used baby spinach, fresh pineapple (got a killer deal on them!), bananas, blueberries and blackberries. With those four fruits, you can mix and match to get a little different smoothie for each day or make the same one. Leafy greens freeze really well. You can puree them and make ice cubes ahead of time or just toss the leaves into the bag.

Frozen Green Smoothie | 3. Buy the right bag

Quart-sized freezer resealable bags are great because I can rinse and reuse them over and over. Mark each one with the date the pack was made and cross it out when you’ve made it. The packs won’t last forever before the quality is affected by hoar frost. Think of it as a once a month or every other week kind of task, though they will last for several months if you’re feeling particularly ambitious.

4. How to pack a pack

Put the leafy greens into the bag first, followed by the fruit. I do about 2 packed cups of baby spinach and 2 to 2 1/2 cups frozen and/or fresh fruit. You could add the chia or flax seeds, but I find they stick to the bag. (Plus sometimes I soak my chia seeds before blending.)

5. Make it work for your blender

Remember that cutting fruit into smaller pieces makes it easier on your blender. Bananas, if they are really ripe, usually do okay halved, but you can slice them up before you put them into the bags. If you don’t have a high speed blender like a Vitamix, Blendtec, Ninja and the like, then you might want to try making leafy green ice cubes for better blending. Another option is to only make freezer packs with the fruit and then use fresh leafy greens.

Healthy Green Smoothies | 6. Avoid frost

Squeeze out as much air as you can and seal the bag. Removing the air helps prevent frost from forming.

7. Easy stacking

For easier stacking in the freezer, you can flatten them out a bit more. The bags will freeze more quickly if placed in a single layer in the freezer. You could also freeze the fruit on cookie sheets and then transfer them to the bags. Totally up to you on that.

8. When it’s time to blend

When you blend, add 1 cup of liquid with the packet contents. The greens will break up a little easier after having been frozen, but you will probably need a little more liquid than normal for your blender to puree them properly. When I make a fresh smoothie (not from a frozen pack) I layer the liquid, then greens, then fresh fruit, then frozen fruit and seeds or other add-ins on top.

Healthy Green Smoothies | 9. Experiment with flavor combinations

It’s really fun to mix it up with other varieties of fruit and greens. Above (left to right):

  • Banana Blueberry: 1 large banana, 2 cups blueberries, 2 cups spinach
  • Pineapple Blueberry: 1/2 banana, 1 1/2 cups pineapple, 1/2 to 3/4 cup blueberries, 2 cups spinach
  • Kiwi Watermelon: 1 sliced kiwi, 1 cup diced watermelon, 1 cup grapes, 2 cups spinach
  • Banana Berry: 2-3 cups mixed berries, 1/2 large banana, 2 cups spinach
  • Melon Berry: 1 cup melon, 1 1/2 cups mixed berries, 2 cups spinach
  • Pineapple Banana: 1 large sliced banana, 2 heaping cups pineapple, 2 cups spinach

This detox smoothie recipe is another favorite. Or try this wrinkle-reducing berry and kale smoothie.

10. And that’s it! Easy and quick.

Healthy Green Smoothies | P.S. Ready to start juicing? Try our 3 Juicing 101 recipes!


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  1. S says

    I always add 1/2 lemon to my smoothies — just makes them a little brighter. I also add a bit of local honey, cinnamon, and ginger. My favorite ingredients are spinach, kale, parsley, apple, carrot, and beets.

  2. Marcela Hannon says

    I usually use spinach & kale in my smoothies, I been freezing individual bags of frozen fruit, but I don’t like to freeze spinach or kale, I did that once by mistake & I didn’t like texture or taste, it defenetley changes the taste. I normally buy fresh fruit & let it get nice & ripe specially in the summer. In the winter I’ll buy frozen fruit if I can’t find it fresh, Costco is a good place to get it.

    • Roeid says

      My vegetables are always cut and frozen ahead of time (mushrooms, spinach, onions..) for my eggs in the morning.. never had a problem neither with taste nor with texture, but thats when i cook them with my scrambled eggs. Not sure about keeping them cold.

  3. Jacqueline says

    I just tried the banana berry with fresh non frozen ingredients and it did not turn out to good. I followed the instructions but it was still very bitty and thick. What should I do differently next time to avoid this?

    • Jenny says

      Hi Jacqueline,
      It sounds like your blender is not strong enough to break down the ingredients. These green drinks need to be done in a vitamix, ninja or what I use is the nutribullet. I own the vitamix but for my smoothies I like the nutibullet for ease of use and I can drink it out of container I mix it in. If you are using a high speed blender the try adding more liquid. Keep trying you will feel a difference in how you feel drinking one a day.

    • says

      There are lower sugar fruits you can use if you’re worried about calories. Berries are much lower in sugar than tropical fruits. If you’re trying to lose weight, I would consult with a nutritionist or doctor and ask their recommendations about smoothies.

    • Nutribullet user says

      I did put weight on using only fruit and a small amount of leafy greens. I now mix fruit and veg. tomato, carrot, beetroot are all good to mix with fruit (I know tommys are a fruit but they are closer to veg in the calorie range).

  4. says

    This is exactly what I need for the upcoming semester! I was wondering, how many cartons/boxes of fresh or frozen produce do you purchase to be able to make a month of smoothies? I’m worried about not buying enough/buying too much (and then the too much will go to waste).

  5. says

    I love this idea! I have smoothies a few times a week with Matcha green tea mixed in for an extra energy boost, this idea will make my life so much easier. Thank you!

  6. says

    Guess who’s going to the market this Saturday and is going to bring back a lot of heavy bags with fruit and veg? Smoothe mission is on the horizon!

  7. says

    This is such a great idea – thanks for this lovely post. Definitely saves time as well. Too bad I do not have a very big fridge and that my freezer only fits a few things in it otherwise I would do this!!

    Rae of love from berlin

  8. says

    Oh I love this! I have been making more smoothies lately but I haven’t done them ahead yet. It’s so great because some days I’m really too lazy or tired to even get out and throw the ingredients in there! i’m so inspired, thank you!

  9. Suzie Adv says

    I always freeze my bananas still in the peel. The peel does turn brown, but the inside stays yellow/beige, normal banana color. I also freeze kale. The leaves get very crunchy and it’s easy to crumble them up and pop them into my nutra bullet.

    • louise says

      hi ya
      i have just got a nutribullet and want to use frozen spinach in it for easy and cost, however i am afraid that the shop bought frozen spinach tends to be in largeish size lumps, ( say the size of a marshmallow)
      i know the nutribullet is supper strong but im afraid that several lumps for rock hard spinach in the mix may be asking too much of this clever little machine.
      dont want to break it its brand new lol
      any advice please???

      • Nutribullet user says

        Get the spinach cubes/lumps out of the freezer 10-15 mins before you blast. they will be softer. My nutribullet does put up with a lot from me though I think you’ll be ok

    • says

      You can thaw them, but you certainly don’t have to. You just might want to add a little extra liquid for easier blending. I just pour everything from the bag into the blender, add the liquid and it works great.

  10. Karen Rozycki says

    I am doing these smoothies for sure. Just bought a new blender, and then this showed up….meant to be.

    I am on a path to a new me…will enjoy your help!

  11. says

    I’ve recently started using coconut milk in some of my smoothies to give them a tropical flavor (as well as the benefits of coconut). But it can take a long time to go through a can or jar of coconut milk. Can you freeze coconut milk? I’m thinking as a spoonful in the bag with the other ingredients, or in an icecube tray so I have a portion of coconut milk at the ready. Thank you,

  12. jj says

    I do the same thing. I usually do about 10-15 bags at a time.
    I use some other items like broccoli, carrots, whole or half oranges, skin included, it gives a lot of flavor and fights cancer cells (I recommend organic everything but especially if you are including the skins you should use organic) You buy on sale and freeze for later, you don’t have to worry about anything getting mushy as it just goes in the smoothie. Almost anything goes (except peas for some reason, you can taste them)
    You can also combine all your dry ingredients in a separate container. I use a bunch of ground nuts and seeds and whole food protein powder, psyllium husk, green superfood, black seed. 1 big scoop is alot easier then getting it all out every time.
    Another thing, organic apple cider vinegar is very healthy and even if you don’t like vinegar, you might find a little gives it a kick that you like, my sister did. I use about a TBS (in a large smoothie) you might want to start with a tsp and work you way up.

  13. teeky28 says

    what a great idea! I always add gelatin (the green can), protein powder, and shredded coconut to my smoothies. rather than get them out every time, I mix them in a mason jar and add a couple of tablespoons of the mix in. hey, anything to save a little time. :D

  14. Gail says

    This is a very good idea. I have tons of smoothie recipes but gravitate towards the “usual” banana/strawberry/spinach because I’ve grown used to it. Spending an hour so to make them up in advance makes it easier, and sticking to the recipes encourages you to have diverse smoothies. Thanks!

  15. Gail says

    To get more air out of the bags: Once you’ve put the food items in the bag, put a straw half way down the corner of the bag. Zip the bag from the other side up to the edge of the straw. Using your mouth, suck the air out of the straw. When you’ve done this, clamp the straw part where it is touching the zippered portion to prevent more air coming back in. Remove straw. Then quickly zip the remaining section where the straw was. It may take a little practice and a few times to get it right, but I do it with all my bags of food to be frozen. You may want to spread your food in the bag to make it flat before inserting the straw, because once you’ve sucked the air out of the bag, the food becomes stationary.

    • says

      Yes! Avocados do freeze well, as long as you don’t try to make guacamole out of them – it doesn’t work. haha What I do is cut them into smaller pieces and dip them in acidulated water. (The juice of a lemon in a small bowl of water works great.) You can freeze them on a baking sheet and then put in the bags and then they won’t stick together in big clumps.

  16. kym says

    Newbie at making Smoothies. This is so helpfull. Some morning I just dont have time. But now I see how I can prepare packs. Thank you for sharing.

    • says

      Milk, non-dairy milks, yogurt, water, coconut water, juice. Whatever you like! And you might need a little more depending on how easy your blender does with the frozen fruit and greens.

  17. laura says

    Loved this post but once i sliced bananas and the froze them and they got all dark and changed flavor! So is it inevitable for banana to get dark?

    • says

      Kale does freeze well. Just wash them and try to dry them as best you can. That will help prevent hoar frost from forming as much. (Or so I’ve learned along the way!) Try to squeeze all the air out of the bag too. They will keep for a few months this way. I do it all the time!

  18. Christina says

    Can you recommend how to make the leafy-greens into ice cubes ,if I don’t have a high-power blender just a regular blender

    • says

      Hi Christina, if you blend the greens with water in your regular blender, it should work pretty well. Also, freezing the greens before seems to help them blend more easily too. The leaves will break apart once frozen. Hope that helps!

  19. Brenda says

    Wow I love this idea, I have a Vita-Mix and I love it… to me all the other blenders don’t compare and the smoothies come out smooth not with little bits and peace’s … I would not recommend to blend the smoothie and then freeze because then its not going to be drinkable your going to have to brake it up and blend again or put in microwave to melt… for a snack I will make one of these and for a meal i will just put some Rice protein powder in it…

  20. Carol says

    I think this is a god idea for those who wouldn’t otherwise make these healthy smoothies and drink them.
    Fresh is always best, but if you can’t or won’t or don’t have the time unless you use this method, it is worth loosing the small amounts of healthy benefits from the fresh ingredients.
    I do think that maybe blending them first might be a better option, but then, not as easily stored, (or maybe more easily stored as they would most likely stack flatter?) and convenience is the issue here.
    Anyway, this is a great idea to save time and perhaps eat (drink) something healthy instead of reaching for that granola bar or whatever your weakness is!

  21. Barbara says

    I do the freeze ahead packs as well. I also get small craft baggies and put in the spices; cocoa, and flax seeds that I love. I put one in every baggie of fruit and veggies so the spices stay dry but are right there with everything else. I also use a black marker and put a final Calorie, carb, fiber total on the baggie.

    • Emily says

      She mentions what liquids to use at the top part of this page, under ‘What is a Green Smoothie’. Basically, water, coconut water, nut milks, etc.

    • Lex says

      I love my Ninja and have friends who love their bullet. For those who have both, they use the ninja unless they need a small portion because the bullet has the smaller cups. Hope that helps.

  22. says

    I love the idea of freezing the fruit & veg. I usually add coconut oil & lots if fresh ginger to my smoothies, and I am losing weight without even trying. No more mid morning snack attacks.

  23. Mary Lou Keller says

    I had pinned this to my smoothie board and finally got around to openkng it. Perfect idea! I leave for work early and most mornings I am running late enough I don’t have time to make my smoothie. This would help so much! Making night ahead is not so good since it tends to separate and get funky. I love idead of soaking the chia seeds ahead as well. What a powerhouse of nutrition they have. Many times I will add flaxseed oil for the omega 3’s it provides.

    Going to stock up on ziploc freezer bags and give this a try!

  24. says

    I love breakfast smoothies too. It is a great way for me to get veggies in my diet first thing in my day. I haven’t ever made up kits for the freezer. What a helpful idea as sometimes I am rushed for time and so forgo the morning smoothie.

  25. Debra Hight says

    You inspired me! Not sure if these are correct ratio of veg to fruit but it was DELICIOUS!! Frozen spinach, cucumber, celery, red bell pepper, green apple, purple grapes and skim milk with one scoop of protein powder. Perfect consistency, I don’t care for the icey types. This was kind of fluffy:) Thanks for getting me motivated again!

  26. Shelly says

    Do you wash your spinach before putting them into the baggies? I know the containers say pre-washed but I get a bit nervous to not wash them myself. But I seems they might get yucky if I washed then before freezing them?

    • says

      I sometimes do. If the spinach is from a farmer’s market or it’s a fresh bunch, then I wash it several times. You can totally wash it and just spin it dry. It won’t affect things too much.

  27. DJ says

    I feel you get a better consistency when you blend the greens with a cup of water first – then add your fruits and flaxseed and finish blending.

  28. Anne G says

    my gosh what a great idea, This summer I decided that I am going raw til dinner time, so this will be a easy way to make sure I have a smoothie in the morning instead of making the excuse of not enough time

  29. martin says

    Hi Lindsey,
    How may Fluid oz is in one serving as you define it? If I followed you recipes above and wanted to make a 16 fl. oz serving how much liquid do you suggest that I add?

    Thanks! The article is a big help!

  30. Sheila Locke says

    Love your site, do you send regular e mail news items ,on making smoothys,etc.
    Warm Regards,

  31. Kathy says


    Love your site! This was a very interesting read for me as I love to make green smoothies. I’ve jotted down a few of your combinations and I’m going to try freezing several weeks worth like you have shown here. I just go buy a bag of spinach every other day to make smoothies for a few days .- This would be easier Plus, I wouldn’t have to worry about anything going bad. Right now I have a freezer filled with Pineapple chunks because Kroger had them for .99 a few weeks back. Today, I bought a large bag of frozen cherries from Sams ($9) and added a cup to my spinach/avocado/chia seeds/mango/wheat grass/squirt of lemon and lime/coconut milk/fresh cranberries mix and it is so delicious!

    When watermelon are on sale, I will buy a lot and freeze. Wanted to give you a tip on the watermelon drinks – I add a dash of Cayenne to watermelon drinks – it really intensifies the flavor. I just tell people to play with it till they like the taste. It’s really good for our immune system as well. Just do a search on the benefits of cayenne. It’s pretty amazing

    I grow wheat grass in a pot which I bought from a local grocery market – it’s fun adding this to the drinks. I feel it does give me an energy boost.
    Thanks for all you share. I’m now subscribed to you and also following you on Pinterest.

  32. Cyndi hulst says

    Fantastic idea and another excellent use of my FoodSaver! Thanks for sharing – this might help get my husband to ingest something nutritional for breakfast vs. eating leftover pizza or a breakfast burrito!

  33. says

    I make these ahead EVERYTIME I travel, so much more portable than hauling all my ingredients. Plus they make great ice packs in the cooler. D

    I enjoy throwing a piece of ginger in mine it freezes well, if your concerned about your blender add it morning of, or dice it into small chunks when fresh and add a T to each bag. (I’m a serious ginger-aholic, and it’s good for your belly too)

    I use unflavored pea protien, and ground flax, the protien does get stuck to the bag, I found blend 5scoops of protien and a cup of water really well in blender. Then poor into ice cube trays then put 2-3 cubes per bag or just bring protien and add it on the morning of. I like to blend mine with liquid first. Then add my bag. (I save the scoops the protien comes with and travel with a scoop and ziplock of protien, I know I’m doing the right amount, very packable) always throw an extra scoop or two in the bag .

  34. pd says

    Just wondering if you know anything about mixing the greens with the fruits together. I’ve heard to keep veggies abs fruits in separate bins in the fridge because they emit different gasses. Is this still the case when storing for freezing? Love this idea though. Very smart

  35. Stephanie C says

    Yesss! I am going to try this! My sister use to make us fresh smoothies but she’s fallen down on the job ;) Question, for the watermelon kiwi smoothie you mentioned, would you need to like flash freeze the watermelon or can you just toss it in the bag with the spinach? I was thinking of blending that one up with coconut water, what do you think? Also, do you ever add protein powder to your smoothies? Thanks!!

    • says

      Hi Stephanie! You could flash freeze the fruit first. When I use glass jars, that’s how I do it. The plastic bags seems to fare a little better. I do let them sit out for a few minutes before blending to thaw a bit. I think coconut water sounds fantastic! It’s one of my very favorite liquids to blend with. I haven’t used protein powder much, but you totally could. I tend to add a few spoonfuls of hemp hearts and chia seeds to amp up the protein. They also keep me fuller longer.

  36. Adrianna says

    Hi there!
    Love this post! Just made all my smoothies. I did it exactly as you said (measurements and all). Is one bag one smoothie or does it make 2? Also no ice needed ?
    Thanks again ! I can’t wait to get my hubby drinking fruits and veggies!

  37. JoAnne Murphy says

    I use a mason jar for my shakes too. I use the two piece tops, but added a second inside top which I had pounded a hole in with a large nail and then pounded the edges flat. I place that piece on the jar first, add the second inside piece which is whole and cover with the screw band. Now I can travel with it, taking out the inside whole lid and insert a straw into the extra lid, replacing the screw band. Saved buying one of those speciality mason jars with holes for straws. Recycling the inside lids too, as usually in canning those lids cannot be reused. Hope you like my idea. Thanks for the great shake recipes.

    • Cynthia says

      Very clever! I’d love to see and pin a picture of your great idea (especially using a straw with it!) Nicely done and thanks for sharing

  38. Cindy says

    Unless I just overlooked it I don’t see how much liquid you add when you get ready to make these. So how much liquid is used for each package?

  39. Nathalie Beauregard says

    I have tried the spinach in my smoothies and I love it. I also use the Masson jars and I think it’s a great idea. You can use different sizes. Thank you for sharing the ideas.

  40. Becky Bertuzzi says

    Can you just use water for the liquid or is using almond milk or something similar better? Thanks!

    • says

      I use water, coconut water, almond milk, coconut milk, or green tea in mine. You can use whatever you like best! I tend to go for unsweetened because the fruit usually adds enough sweetness.

  41. Angel says

    I don’t make my smoothies frozen, usually fresh. I put in a cpl big handfuls of spinach or kale, some yogurt, a bananas,an apple and a carrot then whatever fun fruit I buy…strawberries oranges peaches etc. oh and a little milk for liquid. I get 3 small smoothies or 2 large out of one blender full.

    I can tell you as much as I love munching on fruit and veg I wouldn’t be able to sit down and eat an apple a banana an orange and some strawberries in one sitting. But I can drink them all in one smoothie and get all the fiber and nutrient dense goodness :)

  42. Judie says

    P.S. I don’t have the best blender in the world, but it still mixed the smoothie well. I cut the fruit in smaller pieces before freezing, and I added Greek yogurt and a little coconut water to the blender while mixing. Blended up really well!

  43. Judie says

    Lindsey, thank you so much for the great idea! I made my first smoothie this morning, and it was fabulous! Couldn’t taste the spinach at all!

  44. Lauren says

    I was wondering, Have you ever made up smoothie packs with fresh greens and then frozen fruits? I buy the huge bags of frozen mixed berries, and cherries, and raspberries from Sam’s and also frozen mango, pineapple, blueberries from Trader Joes. I think I will try a couple of batches and see how they come out. When I make my smoothies I usually use a combo of pomegranate juice and rice milk (nut and soy allergies here). They come out creamy but still fruity.

    • says

      Yes! All the time. Sometimes I can’t find the fresh fruit I’m looking for or it’s too expensive so I turn to bags of frozen fruit. They are often sweeter anyway because they are picked when ripe and flash frozen. Love that Trader Joe’s! :)

  45. Alta says

    I’ve heard that it’s a good idea to rotate your greens, so I’d do spinach one day, kale another day, swiss chard another day, romaine lettuce another, etc. Also, it’s a good idea to have some kind of citrus fruit in the smoothie to help digest the greens. Pineapple, oranges, strawberries, etc. are good.

  46. Joanna F says

    A few commentators have brought up Mason Jars–I use the jars to store the pre-mixed ingredients AND blend directly in the jar. No need to buy a bullet–most blender bases will screw directly onto the jar. Just be sure to check on an empty jar that the blades are able to clear the sides, and you’re good to go! Then I screw on the lid, throw it in my lunchbox, and head to work! Saves time, dishes, and plastic.

  47. Denise Walden says

    Have so been trying to stay on a green smoothie diet and have failed so bad and thrown away so much food because it goes bad. Today I am going to Sprouts and buying a month worth of veggies and fruit and going to make 60 bags ! That along with salads at night I CAN reach my goal. THANK YOU FOR SHARING…. this is the solution to my diet.

  48. Catherine says

    Just tried this for the first time tonight. Can’t wait to use my packed bags with my NutriBullet. This is such a great idea.

  49. P R says

    I love this idea!!! Question? Would you lose much nutrition if you made the smoothie & froze it? We are getting ready to travel for 12-15 days. I would like to be able to mix these and freeze to take with us. I have a great blender at home (too big to travel with). I also have a stick blender that I can use to “reblend” right before drinking.

  50. Mary Ann D. says

    Thank you so much for inspiring me this morning. I had a few things on hand (spinach, oranges, banana, chia seeds and unsweetened almond milk) and blended up a tasty green smoothie. Will start planning out my smoothies via your guidelines and freezing for the ready. So glad this popped up on my Pinterest page this morning. I feel headed in a new direction. Blessings to you!

  51. says

    I love my green smoothies too! My blender would never be able to handle this much prozen stuff, so I tend to make them every morning, though it can be a bit time-consuming. Pre-cutting the fruit and veg the night before helps with quick prep somewhat.

    • Bonnie says

      My blender is also not that powerful for all those things frozen. I take a bag out of the freezer the night before and leave in the fridge overnight. It is partially defrosted by morning and my blender does fine with it.

  52. Linda Schulte says

    Thanks for the ideas and pictures! We purchased a Vitamix recently and love it.
    I love to eat fruits and veggies, too, and smoothies help me to eat some that are a little more challenging, like kale!
    It is SO good for you!

  53. says

    These sound really great and I absolutely love some of the combinations up there! Made me realize how amazing my smoothies will taste when we get to farmer’s market season! Squee!!!! Also, I’ve been noticing that here lately I’ve been getting hungry sooner, whereas a month ago my green smoothie in the morning would last me until lunch. Reading this, I realized I’m using about half as much of everything as you are and you say this feeds one… I think I’ll increase my fruits, veggies, and almond milk. Should I leave the protein powder the same, though?

    • Rachel says

      Heather, do you use chia in your smoothies? They really help you stay full longer. I like to soak my chia before adding as Lindsey suggested. The chia adds fiber, protein, a touch of healthy fat, and a lot of bulk. I add them to *everything*, so so good for bulk eaters like me :) Oh! And sipping thru a straw instead of just chugging it makes me feel fuller too, slows me down.

    • Rachel says

      Theresa, totally personal preference but I use half unsweetened almond milk and half crushed ice and I like the taste just fine–with less almond milk and more ice I miss the creamy mouth feel a bit but it’s probably just because I’m used to it :) It still tastes good with more ice, just different texture.

  54. eileen reppenhagen says

    Hi, were you aware of the high nickel content of spinach and raspberries? If you have a nickel allergy, for example you can’t wear a watch without getting bumps on your wrist, or silver jewellery, you might want to know that spinach and raspberries aren’t your friends. Sad I know, two really great food groups! Soy is high on that same list.

    • Kay says

      The previous comment is over a year old and I noticed that no one responded to this comment. It was really so important, I just had to comment. Checking on the information given in the post, Eileen is correct. It appears that 15% of people have a nickel allergy. Eating foods containing nickel could be to someone detriment. If one gets a rash wearing nickel jewelry, imagine what it would do to your insides if you eat foods with nickel in them???

      As for all the prep for 30 days of smoothies is a good idea for people who are very busy these days. I add a little nut butter in mine.

  55. jen says

    I am wondering how much smoothie one bag makes? One tall glass only or would it be enough to feed several people breakfast?

      • martin says

        Hi Lindsey,

        I am a little confused. What size glass or serving in liquid ounces are you speaking about as one serving?

        If you put the frozen pack of veggies & fruit in the portions you indicate in your recipes and then add in flax, chia, superfood blend and protein powder how much liquid would I add to get a 16 oz serving?

        • Emily says

          Martin, I’m sorry you haven’t received a reply yet, but try this: Start with 1 cup of liquid in blender. Add your bag’s content: greens, fruit/vegs, add-ins like chia, flax protein powder. Blend until completely smooth. Not the liquid measure level on blender container. From there, you can add another cup of liquid if you want. Hope this helps.

  56. BP says

    If I can make a suggestion, look at the sugar content of your fruits when making your combinations. Too much sugar in your drink will lead to increasing your glycemic index making you just feel hungry soon after eating and not helping you lose weight or maintain weight. Grapes and watermelon have a crazy amount of sugar. Try some citrus instead. :)

  57. says

    Green juices are a great way to drink something sweet and yet very healthy.
    Lately, I’ve been seeing that to almost every fresh juice goes spinach. I think it’s a good way to track your daily income of iron. These pictures made me to think of drinking a green juice today!

  58. Lisa Yeager says

    These look so good. I have been wanting to try smoothies like this for a while. I asked for a Ninja for Christmas with no luck. I have a cheap blender and I am afraid I will end with just chunks of everything, not making for a good smoothie :-(

  59. Debora Cadene says

    I think this is a terrific idea, especially if you don’t want any of your produce to go to waste. I am wondering if you loose any of the nutritional value of the veggies once you freeze them though. I realize they are put in fresh and not blanched, but does the freezer take any thing away from the frozen greens vs fresh. I have a vitamix and I absolutely love my green shakes.

  60. Vera says

    Amazing idea!!!!! I make smooties sometimes for breakfast – but it takes a while. This solves my problem – LOVE IT!!!! Also I try and buy fruit when it is on sale – 2 for 1 strawberries, blueberries……..

  61. Marian says

    With regards to the comment about someone else using your material above: I had the same issue. I clicked on the pinterest link and it took me to I’ve had this a few times now with some links directing me to obviously a fake recipe sites. I wanted to see your post about the smoothies so I googled Henry Happened which is how I found the correct site.
    Thank you for the tips- I think it will help because if it’s ready in the freezer there’s a better chance of me actually using it!

  62. Monica says

    These look great! I wonder if you are concerned about the toxins found in plastic, even those that say they are BPA-free.

    Thank you!!

  63. crystal says

    I want to try these to add more veggies and fruit to my diet… My only question is if I made one of this up in the am. Will it still be good at noon… I don’t eat breakfast but would love to drink it at lunch time.. But I work and don’t have a blender at work.

    • Libby says

      Do you have a way to take a personal sized blender to your work? I bought one from Meijer for $10 and I leave it in my desk and use it. Just a suggestion :)

    • Fay says

      I use glass mason jars and pack them in an insulated lunch bag with ice packs in it. Mines stay cold all day (10-12 hours depending in when I make them).

    • Melissa says

      You could purchase an insulated thermos, such as Hydro Flask, make your smoothie in the morning, and drink it for lunch. I do not work for Hydro Flask, but I have four of them and am in love. They come in all sorts of sizes and keep your cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12. They are a little spendy, but trust me, SO worth it.

  64. says

    Are you aware that there are websites profiting from advertising that reblog your recipes and ideas? I have a Facebook home and garden page (that I sell nothing on nor make any money from) and I make sure I always follow the links back to the original creator before posting to the FB page. Personally, I think it is a shame they can make money sitting around posting other’s creativity. Do you some how view it as free advertising? I just wanted you to know I always post your original blog.

    • Peggy says

      It was unclear to me if you were implying that this post was an original blog or if this post was posting other’s creativity.

  65. Anne-Marie Laliberté says

    I started it a week ago and I LOVE it!!! I add 1 or 2 table spoons of plain greek yogourt. This way, I can easily wait until diner!

    • Julie says

      I love making my smoothies an ice cream consistency and eating it with a spoon! I like juicing fruit that I don’t think is going to last much longer and mixing in some veggies that I probably wouldn’t otherwise remember to eat.

      • martin says

        My son was always in favor of a solid food breakfast. I’ve now gotten him to agree to a 12 – 16 oz smoothie PLUS a breakfast sandwich or breakfast quiche. Then again he’s 17, growing and trying to bulk up.

      • Tami says

        My husband is NOT a big veggie OR breakfast eater. So, I bought my husband a Nutri-bullet for Valentine’s day (because that’s what EVERY guy wants for V-day!) to try and help him incorporate both those things into his diet. He is truly enjoying his smoothie every morning along with all the “hidden” veggies and protein. He is also pleasantly surprised that he is enjoying them as much as he is…SUCCESS!!!

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