Happy Weekend + A Personal Update

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This post is for my mom. The quote above describes her perfectly – she’s smart, beautiful and full of life. Always brimming with enthusiasm and big ideas. Always ready to help me decorate a new house and celebrate a birthday with lots of cake and balloons.

But now her fight with pancreatic cancer is almost over. When she was diagnosed in February I had no idea how awful this cancer would be. It has taken its toll so quickly that it still doesn’t seem real.

It feels so weird to write this. I can’t imagine my vibrant, loving mother not being here. I can’t imagine that my children will grow up not knowing their amazing Mimi.

I’ll be spending lots of time with my mom over the next few days, soaking her up as much as I can. So next week I’m turning over the blog to my fabulous contributors to be with my family.

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  1. christine pethers says

    Oh girls , what can I say that hasn’t been said already ? . I have been there before with my Dad , I still miss him . But given time you will remember all the good things about your Mum . This awful so painful time that you girls are going thru will always be there in the back of your memories but with time what you will remember about her will be the good things , you will be able to look at photos or memories and not sob , but smile remembering the fun and laughter .in a way its a bit like childbirth – at the time it hurts like hell but often very quickly you have wonderful memories and thoughts instead of pain . And I dont mean to trivialise things , I just have realised how good god is to enable us to cope with the pain . I’m rambling – I’m sorry . I will be thinking of all of you over the coming days.You girls have eachother – lean on each other and God and you will get thru this
    love Chris

  2. Deb says

    Stephanie and Susanna – My heart breaks to hear this. I am so very sorry.

    I am reeling from my own Mom’s diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, back at the end of August.

    “Soak” your Mom up as much as you can for all of the time you have left. I hope to do the same for as long as my Mom is still with us. I hope I can be as strong as you both have been. My prayers are with your Mom, you, and all of those who love and will miss her.

    I don’t really know how to handle this, but I will cherish all of the wonderful traits and memories of Mom being my Mom, just as you are doing.

    Your Mom has certainly left her mark on this world.

    God Bless all of you.

  3. says

    My heart breaks to read this. I hate cancer! Lost a few loved ones recently to it.
    Thinking of you and sending an extra prayer and hug your way.
    Enjoy these moments with her!

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