DIY $220 Wrap Bracelet for $5

Embellished wrap bracelets are everywhere, and I am kind of obsessed with these colorful Chan Luu ones right now. But $220?

Yikes! I think we can make our own for a wee bit less. Less than $5 in fact!

You’ll need:

  • 3 yards of silk ribbon cord. I got mine (purple, of course) at JoAnn’s in the trim section.
  • 2 dozen 8 mm gold beads. Mine were from a local craft store but these beads are similar.

Cut the ribbon into 3 equal lengths. Standard bracelet size is 7 inches so you’ll want it about 29 inches long in order to wrap 4 times.

Start by braiding about 6 inches of ribbon and then secure the end with a rubber band. Anchor the end with something heavy to hold in it place.

Start braiding in the beads by feeding the ball onto the middle strand and then tightly braiding the other two strands around it. Don’t pull too hard though or the beads will have a tendency to pop out as you go.

Continue feeding beads onto the middle strand until you run out (I had about 25) or until there’s about 6 inches of ribbon left.

Finish with another 6 inches or so of braiding. Then clamp the ends with ribbon fasteners or just tie it in a knot.
It looks great as a bracelet or a necklace!


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  1. Sandy says

    I love the wrap Bracelet I’m going to try and make myself one if it comes out the way I’m hoping maybe I’ll make one for each of my daughters!

  2. Rsub says

    Hi i am new at working with beads and wanted to try this out… I was wondering how the ends meet when you wear this one as a necklace? do you need to put a clasp ? i don’t see one

  3. says

    This jewelry is fabulous! I love your blog and many of your projects. I hope you don’t mind that I’m showing off your fun feathered hat on my blog today. I totally wish I had found it sooner and I would have made one for myself!


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