DIY $220 Wrap Bracelet for $5

Embellished wrap bracelets are everywhere, and I am kind of obsessed with these colorful Chan Luu ones right now. But $220?

Yikes! I think we can make our own for a wee bit less. Less than $5 in fact!

You’ll need:

  • 3 yards of silk ribbon cord. I got mine (purple, of course) at JoAnn’s in the trim section.
  • 2 dozen 8 mm gold beads. Mine were from a local craft store but these beads are similar.

Cut the ribbon into 3 equal lengths. Standard bracelet size is 7 inches so you’ll want it about 29 inches long in order to wrap 4 times.

Start by braiding about 6 inches of ribbon and then secure the end with a rubber band. Anchor the end with something heavy to hold in it place.

Start braiding in the beads by feeding the ball onto the middle strand and then tightly braiding the other two strands around it. Don’t pull too hard though or the beads will have a tendency to pop out as you go.

Continue feeding beads onto the middle strand until you run out (I had about 25) or until there’s about 6 inches of ribbon left.

Finish with another 6 inches or so of braiding. Then clamp the ends with ribbon fasteners or just tie it in a knot.
It looks great as a bracelet or a necklace!


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  1. Sandy says

    I love the wrap Bracelet I’m going to try and make myself one if it comes out the way I’m hoping maybe I’ll make one for each of my daughters!

  2. Rsub says

    Hi i am new at working with beads and wanted to try this out… I was wondering how the ends meet when you wear this one as a necklace? do you need to put a clasp ? i don’t see one

  3. says

    This jewelry is fabulous! I love your blog and many of your projects. I hope you don’t mind that I’m showing off your fun feathered hat on my blog today. I totally wish I had found it sooner and I would have made one for myself!

  4. says

    We are trying to make the wrap bracelet . We have 8mm metal beads and 1/8 inch ribbon.

    It won’t thread thru the bead. I tried tape on the tips but that didn’t help either .

    Can you please advise. My daughter is very frustrated.

    Thank you.

    Ashley Motl-Castillo

    • Janet Maloney says

      cut an extra 1/2 inch longer on each string and apply any color nail polish. working it into a point as it dries. When you have completed your bracelet just cut off the nail polish ends.

    • Marge P says

      I love this, Purple is my favorite cord color, I like to mix it up a bit and put turquoise with it or crystal, or well anything even gold like you have! The tutorial was excellant, I have been trying to fimd a way to use all of my old embroydre floss and I think this may just be the thing I have been waiting for. Thank you so much, your ideas are amazing and fun.

  5. Carlotta says

    Thanks so much for the tutorial. It was very easy to follow. I didn’t realize not every bead marked 8mm or whatever size, may not have the same size hole. I managed to get the beads through a large enough hole by putting scotch tape on the tip of the silk cord. Hope that helps someone. Thanks again for the tut!!

    • J says

      If you use, a little bit of, any tpe of clear tape wrapped around the ends of the chord, you should have an easier time getting it through the beads.

  6. Connie says

    Use a large binder clip to clip the cord to a cutting board on one side. That gives you a secure hold and allows you to work on the cutting board in your lap. My cutting board has recessed grooves around the edges to keep beads from falling off.

  7. angela says

    the bracelet is great but the instructions how to make it is not well done…you should make a short video…I’ve tried to follow the explanation but has not worked…sorry, I love this link but some times things are not explained in clear manner.

    • gerbermom says

      Hey JC – yes, this can be a problem, just don’t pull the cord too tight or the beads will pop out. You can also dab a bit of glue on the bead after you braid to keep things in place.

    • Amanda says

      So how to you fasten the ends, I read about the ribbon fasteners but do you have any pictures of how you finished your ends, this is my biggest road block in making these

      • gerbermom says

        Hey Amanda – sorry I don’t have a photo! Ask at the craft store for cord clamps, they can direct you to the right thing. Then you can either tie the ends together or attach a lobster clasp if you’d rather do that. Good luck!

  8. judy says

    this is very cool,I love to make things that are not too compicated while watching t.v in the evenings this will be great,thanks for sharing another great tut

  9. nathalie says

    hello from france ,
    i note you a few words to say ” thanks you” for the DIY bracelet .I just bought the pearl , cord and when i will get them i will try to do the same !

  10. says

    We love your detailed and comprehensive tutorial. We wish to feature this page on our blog if permitted and if there will be a slot available for this style/technique.
    Let me know your thoughts.


  11. says

    I love these bracelets too and my daughter is mad on them. Thanks for sharing how to make our own (and giving me the incentive!). Cath.

  12. says

    I am crocheting a lovely beaded fringe blanket with beading, I was thinking of making your bracelet to match. Do you think it would work with Worsted weight yarn?

  13. Marilyn Cowley says

    I can’t feed the ribbon through the bead! is there an easy way to do it? Because it does not go through easily and the wholes are the right size. thank you !

    • gerbermom says

      You can burn the ends with a lighter for just a second so they don’t fray. Or you can use a bobby pin and pull through. Hope that helps!

  14. Quinn says

    The bracelet is so cute, I tried to make it but I could not get the beads to stay in place while braiding. I would get five done and they would all slip. I got the silk cord and some cute silver beads but then it would not work for me… So sad. If there are any tips you can give to help overcome this issue I would love to get some advice for it thank you.

  15. says

    You are truly a excellent webmaster. The web site loading velocity is incredible. It kind of feels that you’re doing any distinctive trick. Moreover, The contents are masterpiece. you’ve done a fantastic job in this topic!

  16. mariana says

    also helps if you tape the ribbon down to the table with masking tape instead of using a heavy object. Cute!!!

  17. says

    Is there a way to end this other then tying it? Just curious. I made one tonight but with the supplies I have and it turned out quite masculine. I’m going to post it on my blog with a link back to here if you’d like to stop by and check it out (not tonight but soon).
    Thank you! Blessings.

  18. Dannielle Blauvelt says

    I’m really wanting to make these bracelets for my friends and am having a hard time finding the silk cord at my local stores so im looking to buy some online. One of the websites i’ve found lists their cord in #’s, based on the diameter in mm. Do you know what size yours is that you used? Also, if anyone has bought online, where did u buy urs? Thanks.

    • Nikki Porter says

      I was also having trouble. Look in the ribbon section of your craft store (I found at hobby lobby). I used ribbon that is called “decorative trim” and it is 100% nylon. Cost $1.99 and is on sale for 1/2 off right now. Item # 141796. I bought black so this number may be specific for the black color. Happy hunting…it really turns out cute! I know this doesn’t really answer your question about buying online, try searching for 1/8″ nylon.

      • Tracie says

        I also bought my cord at Hobby Lobby, but I don’t know what size beads to get?? Can someone please help me??? I’m so excited to try this but I can’t even get started :(

        • gerbermom says

          The ribbon is commonly called “rattail cord” – you can find it in the trim section of JoAnn’s for 50-99 cents a yard. You can also find large hole beads at JoAnn’s but I’m searching for an online source as well.

          • Kay Angel says

            Most craft stores carry them, including Michaels and Total Crafts. Online, try ebay or Fire Mountain Beads. Look at the size of your cord and get beads with a slightly larger hole in them. If you buy local, take your cord in and hold it up next to the beads. Should be fairly easy to see if it will fit.

  19. Veronica says

    It looks like silk cord (also referred to as “Rattail” or rat tail). It does come in different thicknesses if you are having difficulty with the cording going through the beads. There is a tool to increase the hole size of beads if you are so inclined. I can’t wait to try this.

  20. Kelly says

    The original $220 version is actually not that hard to make. 10-12 feet of cord (I work at a bead store where we sell cord for $0.15 a foot), two or three strands of basic gold spacer beads or other small beads (price depends on materials: $ stones > $ plated metals or glass), some string or thread, and a button or toggle for the clasp is all you need. I’ve made several of these, and they are pretty easy (though time consuming).

  21. Anne says

    I’m having trouble getting the beads stay in place while braiding! The cord keeps slipping when I pull tightly to secure. Any suggestions? Looking forward to sharing these with my best girlfriends over Christmas – thanks for your help!

  22. Patty says

    I love your site.It is fantastic.

    I cannot access ‘ You might also like:’ links though. Is my computer or are the links down?

  23. Ciera says

    I tried these and was disappointed. I bought lots of silk cording from my local craft store. Then I bought some pretty beads. And I tried it out and found that the silk cording is too large to go through the opening in the beads. I searched all over the place for beads with larger thread holes and couldnt find any. So how did you manage to thread the beads onto the cording? Where did you get your cording?

    • Katelin says

      I had this exact same issue! I bought two different size beads (biggest openings I could find) Very frustrating.

  24. Marcelyn says

    Hi there!
    I desperately want to make this! I looked all over town today for beads that size and didn’t find anything. I’m going to order online. I did find the ribbon though. My next question is what size clamps did you use? could you send me a link of the kind of clamp so i know i’m getting the right kind? i’m extremely uncrafty, but i’m trying!

    • henryhappened says

      Hi Elizabeth – I clamped the ends and just tied them off. But you can easily use a clamp with a ring and then attach a lobster claw closure with a jump ring. Hope that helps!

      • Tracie says

        Where did you purchase the beads and clamps? I’m having a very difficult time finding ones that have a large enough opening.

  25. Ellen Jones says

    I was also wondering how you end the bracelet to attach on wrist. Help. That looks like the cord you can buy, is it? Want to make some of these for granddaughters and daughter. Thanks for showing. Awesome.

      • Shannon says

        Hi – I went and bought so much cord today and don’t think it was the right one :( I know you said you got yours at JoAnn’s is it called Silk ribbon cord? Is there a certain size I need to buy? I know I need 3 yards for each bracelet but is there any other dimensions I need to know so I can make sure I get the correct cord?

        Cannot wait to make these, have everything sitting here staring at me lol w/ a bunch of great colors so hopefully I can find another project for those. I know a bunch of people have asked so if there’ anyway you can post a link or give more info it would be greatly appreciated! You also used 8 mm beads to correct?

        Thanks for your help, the braceletes are amazing!

        THANK YOU!!!

        • gerbermom says

          The ribbon is commonly called “rattail cord” – JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby sells it in the trim area.

  26. says

    Having the hardest time finding the right beads and cording to make this! Any tips on where to buy? Tried Michael's and struck out. Thanks!

    • Mi'Yata says

      I had to order online for my materials. Couldn’t find what I needed at any of the local stores like Michaels and Joanna either. I typically rack up at the bead shows as well! I hope this helps.

  27. says

    seriously fabulous!
    I just started a linky party this past Tuesday. It was a great success with over 50 link ups! I would love it if you would participate tomorrow! It's called $10 Tuesdays and it's for things that cost less than $10 and take 20-30 mins (ish) to complete. I love inexpensive and quick projects and I'm guessing others will too ;) Thanks so much for considering.
    PS. I'm GIVING away 50 button pony tailers this month! Come visit and claim yours ;)

  28. says

    This jewelry is fabulous! I love your blog and many of your projects. I hope you don't mind that I'm showing off your fun feathered hat on my blog today. I totally wish I had found it sooner and I would have made one for myself!

  29. writingsfrom50pluslady says

    WOW ! I am impressed,all the items look great,but I have no such talent to create them.
    Have a great day.

    • kathy r says

      I like the way you made this using a braid. I made one using a different technique, but I like the look of yours better. It seems people are having trouble with supplies. I went to WalMart and bought leather cordidng and cute ponybeads. Very cheap and came out fine. I fastened mine with a button attached at one end and a loop made out of the leather cord on the other end. Good Job!!

      • gerbermom says

        Thanks for the supply suggestions! I updated the post with an online bead source – although you can get similar beads at Hobby Lobby and Michaels. But Wal-Mart is great too!!

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