DIY Campaign Desk Makeover

DIY Campaign Desk Makeover |

Remember my two carloads of stuff from Goodwill? Well this $50 desk was one of them. I’m not sure if it’s true campaign style (the pulls are different) but I still love it. The picture makes it look a bit washed out – the color is richer than this shows. But I did go for a darker shade of green than my inspiration piece:

diy campaign desk makeover

I went with Behr Ultra in Dill Pickle.

Here is the before shot:

desk makeover

I hand sanded and did two coats of paint. The paint included primer but I really should have either primed it or given it a third coat. I was worried after the first coat – it was very lime-y. But the color got much darker as it dried.

green desk

And I cleaned the brass pieces with Brasso.

makeover desk

I am clueless at styling (I’ll move things around a dozen more times) but I like it. Now I just need to move the picture down (something else used to be there) and find a chair!

diy desk makeover


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    I know I already commented on this earlier but just wanted to let you know I saw a chest of drawers at Restore (Habitat) here in town that would look so good with this green! So pumped here! If it happens I will let you know – and hope it is okay to link to your post!


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