How to Make a Bracelet with Leftover Pieces of Chain


Every couple of weeks I make a trip to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and completely loose track of time. Usually because I’m standing in the jewelry aisle staring at the overwhelming array of options, trying to figure out the “right” thing to get. This has resulted in many a random purchase, and I’ve amassed a rather large collection of “wrong” items. So I decided to put my leftover pieces of chain together in a layered chain bracelet.

How to Make a Chain Bracelet with Leftover Chain

Chain Link Bracelet Tutorial

You will need:

  • Several layers of different chain. I used 5 different layers, combining light and dark silver pieces with one gold piece. It’s good to mix different sizes of chain too. Some of the chain came from this Jewelry Class in Box provided by Prima Bead.
  • 12 jump rings
  • Toggle clasp closure
  • Round nose pliers

First, gather your various pieces of chain and lay them out. Use one to measure your wrist, and then use your pliers or other metal cutter to cut the pieces roughly the same length.

Chain Bracelet Tutorial

After you get them the same length, put a jump ring onto the ends of each piece of chain.

how to make a chain bracelet

Then add a jump ring to your toggle clasp but leave the ring open.

Chain Link Bracelet diy

Attach each of the individual jump rings to the toggle clasp jump ring and close the ring.

Silver Chain Bracelet Chain Bracelet DIY

Repeat on the other side with the circle closure, and you’re done.

DIY Bracelet with Leftover Chain

I love a project that doesn’t require me to search for 30 minutes in the jewelry section! What aisle do you get stuck in at the craft store?


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  1. Eleanor says

    Can’t wait to try this. I’m allergic to nickel so I buy colored coated chains and this is going to be great.
    I’m also overwhelmed but the beautiful bead displays at Michaels and Hobby Lobby, but I’ve solved that problem two ways. !-Wal-Mart. They have beautiful beads and that’s where I get my chains, and 2- and They both have beautiful beads , charms and all sorts of findings, tools and storage pieces. Consumer Crafts is where I find my nickel-free findings. Both sights are loaded with great stuff. In fact, I got some beautiful charm bracelets from Consumer Crafts in bright siver, antique gold and some in colors; I’m going to try this bracelet with some of those.

    • gerbermom says

      Thanks for the great tips Eleanor! I’ve never checked out but it sounds like a great site!

  2. says

    Lovely bracelet! Wandering about the craft store can definitely be overwhelming/time consuming. I’ve actually started ordering jewelry supplies online… Fusion Beads is a great one!

  3. Susanna says

    I really like that Steph, can I have one? Must say I don’t spend too much time in the craft store unless you drag me along, but I love to see what you come up with :)

  4. says

    You’re so clever Stephanie! I’d like to start making some jewellery this year. At the very least it gives me an excuse to go to the craft store. I don’t really know what I’m doing but I love looking at all the pretty bits and pieces!

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