DIY Citronella Paint Can Candles for Dad

Make Citronella Paint Can Candles for Dad Time for another Father’s Day project! I’ve been wanting to make citronella candles for ages since we have mosquitoes out the wazoo here. I refuse to give up working outside (scratching my ankles as I type) but chemical sprays kinda freak me out. I figured citronella candles would be muy easy since all you have to do is scent a regular candle with citronella oil. And it makes a fun Dad DIY to put them in something manly, like a paint can. These quart containers are the perfect size!

How to make citronella candles Supplies needed:

Start by gluing the wick to the bottom of the paint can with hot glue or E-6000. When it’s dry, wrap the top end around a pencil so it will stand up straight. Then melt your wax, either in the microwave or a double broiler. Once it is fully liquified pour into the paint can. Fill the can up with liquid wax and then add the citronella oil. You will probably need about 15-20 drops for this size candle. Then let the wax harden and cut the end of your wick.

DIY Candles with Citronella in Paint Cans To make a paint themed label, cut a piece of cardboard from a grocery bag or box. Smear paint across and glue it to paint can. Print a “man candle” or “Happy Father’s Day” label if you want and adhere over the paint.

Homemade candles with citronella for Father's Day


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  1. Vickie says

    I just love the idea for the candles. I actually made candles for all the women in my family for Christmas last yr, I made them in wine glasses and done them in 2 or 3 different colors, and i would hot glue something special for each lady down on the base of the wine glass. ( for example some of the ladies have dogs so i bought little dogs and hot glued a couple of dogs on their glasses, and took glitter pens and wrote their names and the yr on the base of the glass, they were a big hit with everyone of the ladies.

  2. says

    I stumbled upon your site, I love the concept of this candle idea, thought it would make a great gift for men but in a different scent for the holidays :) Hope you do not mind but shared this blog link with my readers on my face book fan page.

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