How to make silhouettes of your kids (My Mother’s Day Gift to Myself)

How to make silhouettes of your kids | Henry Happened

Are you all ready for Mother’s Day? I can’t believe it’s next weekend! Sometimes I still have a hard time grasping that I am a mother of 3. Three happy, stubborn, kind little people. The past five years have been a blur of pregnancies, newborns and breastfeeding. It’s funny, most of my memories are marked by ‘Oh yeah, I was pregnant with X then.’ When I think about what we’ve accomplished, it’s overwhelming. I try to remember that when I get down on myself about baby weight and not looking all pulled together every day.

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, I wanted to make silhouettes of the kids. Nothing fancy. Just a simple marker of these 3 thrilling people who have made me who I am.

How to make Silhouettes

How to Make Silhouettes for Mother's Day

Without a doubt, the hardest part of this project is getting a profile picture of the kids. They won’t hold still for more than a nanosecond.


  • Photograph in profile
  • Sharpie marker
  • Colorful cardstock paper
  • Frames – Mine were 8×10’s that I got at T.J.Maxx

DIY Children Silhouettes

First, print the profile picture – depending on the size of the frame you are using you might need to shrink or enlarge the picture to fit the frame. Trace the head outline with a Sharpie. Cut out the shape and tape it to a piece of card stock paper. Then cut out the silhouette shape and mount it on a piece of white or gray card stock. Hand write the child’s name and age. Then put it in the frame and hang it a place you’ll see it often – you’ll smile every time you pass it.

Easy DIY Silhouettes | Henry Happened

It kills me how recognizable these shapes are – they look just like them! I just saw an idea of cutting out the silhouettes from kids artwork, which would be super cute. Do you have your Mother’s Day gifts picked out?


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  1. Jessica says

    After seeing these today made one each for my daughter’s grandmothers and one for myself. I cannot wait for them to see them! Thanks for the great tip!

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