How to Wear a Striped Shirt – Two Ways

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A girl can never own too many striped shirts! They go with practically everything and are such a great go-to piece when you can’t think of anything to wear. Every woman should own at least one.

If the thought of wearing horizontal stripes gives you fashion anxiety, don’t fear!

Here are a few tips for finding and wearing the striped t-shirt.

how to wear a striped tee

Avoid looking wider: If you’re worried about it making you look wider than you are, look for a style that skims the body versus one that is skintight.

Find a v-neck: Try to find one with a v-neck (like the one seen here). It will make you look slimmer by elongating your neck, plus v-necks are the most universally flattering neckline.

Have fun with patterns: Try mixing stripes with other stripes such as a striped shirt with a striped skirt or cardigan, just be sure one of the items has larger stripes than the other so they complement each other.

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    OH, this is fun to see together! I love stripes on stripes. It’s a fun spin on a new look. Thanks for sharing your inner fashionista with the rest of us!

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