DIY: Fabric Bead Bracelet Tutorial

There tends to be an assumption that kid crafts can’t be classy. This fabric bead bracelet tutorial is here to prove that wrong! By keeping it simple and letting your kid get involved in fabric choices and bead patterns, you can make a stunning and unique statement bracelet that you will want to wear time and time again.

Fabric Bead Bracelet tutorial | Then again, you might not get a chance to wear the bracelet because your daughter (or son) will keep it for themselves!

Fabric Bead Bracelet tutorial | Supplies

  • Scrap/organic fabric cut into triangular strips [we used Koi organic voile and purple batiste 1″ at the base by 11″ high]
  • memory wire¬†[approx 44″ long]
  • crimps
  • crimp covers
  • pliers
  • fabric glue [regular old glue can be used in a pinch]
  • bamboo kebab skewer [sharp end removed!]

How to make your fabric bead bracelet

Fabric Bead Bracelet tutorial |
Step 1

Start to roll your fabric triangles around the bamboo skewer, starting from the wide base of the triangle.

Step 2

Apply glue along the length of the fabric and continue rolling until the bead is complete.

Fabric Bead Bracelet tutorial |
Step 3

Remove your bead carefully and allow to dry completely. [we made 15 beads from each of the 3 fabrics chosen]

Fabric Bead Bracelet tutorial |
Step 4

Bend one end of the memory wire around and secure with a crimp. [requires adult supervision/assistance]

Step 5

Apply crimp cover [requires adult supervision/assistance]

Fabric Bead Bracelet tutorial |
Step 6

Thread beads onto wire.

Step 7

Repeat steps 4 and 5 to finish bracelet.

DIY Bead Bracelet | DIY Bead Bracelet | Variations

Use different shape strips of fabric to create different shaped beads. e.g. rectangular strips will create cylinder style beads!

To create a different finish, you could use non-fraying materials such as felt or knit fabric.

Use recycled magazines and newspapers to create a paper bead bracelet. Seal the outside of the bead with mod podge or similar!

What other variations can you create?


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  1. onnolee says

    These are so cool! I’m 15……I think I might try them as friendship bracelets and share the link with my aunt who has two wee ones and loves organic crafts etc.

  2. says

    We did the same thing with magazine and paper when I was in grade school. I am so excited to bring these back with my kids this summer (which unofficially starts for us tomorrow)

      • Heather says

        I agree, wonderful tutorial and adorable child. Who makes the amazing butterfly and gold sequined dress that she’s wearing? Or is that a fantastic DIY as well?

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